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Is this a new update with act 4? Am I right?
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Completed 4 ChallengesMathil wrote:
This is what I came up with for 1.3.

I think it looks fine still. I previously capped crit really easily and it shouldn't be too hard to do still. Probably best to be a ranger, lose elemental from shadow and just deal with any losses we have which shouldn't be much.

Yea I think going RT and old Ele Buzzsaw will be viable too. Which is better? This should still be better due to a higher ceiling on the damage attainable but old Ele Buzzsaw will be easier to get up and running once again.

Thank you! But I think "Precision" will be better than IAS+Acc at the begining of Ranger.
IGN: Javana
So, What will be with build in 1.3? Loss of 200% crit and multi.. I want to try the build on new league, so can anebody show passive tree for 1.3?
IGN: Javana