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I'm sure this must have been brought up many times before but I'm surprised there's still no easy way, via the in-game interface, to find and reclaim Effects from characters without having to keep notes or search through multiple character and stashes across multiple leagues :(
You have to stop doing stuff like this. It makes me want to spend more money with you!
HI there,

Every now and then i've had to use an unlock code to get into my account, I assume because my IP has changed due to router resets etc. I've never had a problem in the past but for the last 2-3 days i'm not getting the emails with the unlock code through.

It's the Same email account I've not had problems with in the past. Checked junk mail - nothing there either.

I've tried changing my email address from account tools to a work and then a gmail account and I haven't received mail on either of those accounts either.

I have emailed GGG support but have heard nothing back yet.

Any ideas what could be causing this and how to rectify it please?