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I didn't even get a mention, lol, but I guess a few other people didn't either.

Gave me some time to rethink my artistic abilities, though (kind of salty... goin thru stages of grief) I guess my image was a little too simple, unfinished? Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

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Hey there,
here is my Submission to the Fanart-Contest.

I tried to catch a totally different mood this time... a more harmonic moment where my Ranger rests with her two Pet-Wolves to investigate loot from a previous fight with Rigwald.

good luck everyone!

High-Res Version in the Spoiler below.



I must say, I liked your original sketch more-so than the painting. A lot of stuff went wrong in the rendering process I'm guessing. I would've probably just kept the underlying drawing and painted with it overlayed at all times. Still a nice painting either way.
IGN: SuperBuu/SuperRoshi/SuperClitoria/CrimsonClimax
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Hello Everyone,
This is my first hardcore talisman league. My husband died to bonespire and this was my inspiration.POE

Nice waifu, just watchin yo boi die like that ;_;
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