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These last 2 weeks completely changed my opinion on GGG.

you are not the only

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Chris wrote:
We added some random prizes - check the event threads.

It looks light in the dark storm. Thanks for listening to the community.
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you obviously haven't got the basic understanding of how a "free tp play" bussiness runs.

for example there are restaurants where you eat and afterwards pay what you think the meal is worth (basically "free to eat"). the business model is based on the fact that some guests pay more because they like the meal and the attitude and so compensate the guests paying nothing or less.

the restaurant is out of business if they run out of guests who overpay and if they fail to have a large base of customers who pay the regular price.


you probably know the prices for usual games with a monthly fee and how much you would have payed playing world of warcraft for example for two years.

with 20$ you payed much less and so you obviously don't like the game. i'm not wondering that ggg is not letting you test exclusive new contnt when you obviously don't like it.

Joke of the day. WP
"Sorry for my bad English"
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