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ScrotieMcB wrote:
This is beta testing. If someone doesn't like the game:
1) they should identify what it is about the game that they don't like
2) they should determine whether that problem is at odds with what the game is trying to be, or whether it's at odds with what the game is, and
3) if it's the latter (or just unclear), we really want to hear their feedback, so they should post it, preferably in a polite and intelligent manner.

We have been having problems with quality on negative feedback, but that isn't a justification to discourage neegative feedback. If anything, we need to do the opposite; an intelligent person with some legitimate complaints risks being countertrolled by fanboys with reading comprehension issues, and as a community we should work to create an environment where all constructive criticism is welcome.

OP, you're not helping. The day people who don't like the game should be discouraged from playing is the day beta testing is essentially finished. Hold onto your advice until then.


Glad at least one person is making sense.
schisist wrote:
KrO wrote:
Your time is never fully wasted, you are also farming for gear, currency, not just XP. If you feel like you hit a brick wall, getting frustrated then re-roll a new charcter. No need to rush to 100, just take your time dude.

Yes reroll those 70 levels so hit the same point of utter tedium and boredom so you can... reroll another 70 levels to hit the same point of utter tedium and boredom so you can... reroll another 70 levels...

You see where this is heading? The same crap end game as D3.

I'm kinda disgusted with a few things in PoE myself. Any regular on these forums probably has a good idea of what things. But even I have to say what are you talking about? Of course the game is a never ending loop, all MMO's in all genres pretty much are. If you aren't playing for the journey, if you aren't enjoying the ride, man it is time to find another hobby.
f3rret wrote:
Omnivore61 wrote:
If the OP is wrong, why are we sitting here debating on the forums instead of playing the game?

I'm waiting for dinner to finish and got nothing else to do.

Yeah I'm actually sitting here trying to figure out why I'm still awake, probably why I'm sounding particularly loopy. Eh well was just a thought.