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I love you, Mark. <3
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bjarky wrote:

When it's out and you see bugs and flaws, dont hold back on reporting the issues, but now already?

You know why that is? Because any post-release feedback is getting ignored. Just the very addition of something like this, when Haku missions have been a major source of complaints and performance issues, feels like a slap in the face.

It's like this with everything:

* People ask for a weather toggle for a year. It's shot down, and instead more unoptimized weather effects are added.

* People complain about desync, and we get maps with the fleet mod, making mobs desync even worse.

* People report that ground effects cause issues, and GGG responds by adding desecrated ground, an effect that is even more unoptimized than the previous ground effects.

* People complain about on-demand load issues when playing from a HDD, especially with chests, and we get masters. which are loaded in the same inefficient way.

* People complain that their clients crash or lag in maps with the fractured mod. Instead of addressing this, many of Zana's missions now have the fractured mod, with seawitches as a yummy bonus.

* People complain about lockboxes and freeze-ups, and GGG responds by buffing the chest's Ice Nova.

* People report performance issues with Dominus, due to poorly optimized effects, and instead of it getting addressed, Merveil is turned into another lag and desync fest.

* and so forth ...

So, what gives you the impression that complaints and reports after release make any difference whatsoever?

Sadly agree with all of this. I don't know why new additions aren't put to a "will this kill players all the time because it is so desync prone/causes FPS drops? (Ossecati did both)" kind of test. GGG really needs to stop adding things to the game that their engine can't handle reasonably. Ice nova on boxes REALLY needs to be nerfed badly. Every box I open freezes my screen for about 1 second. Shit is stupid. And Haku's invincible totems and rocks are another stupid thing. And resurrecting monsters so you desync and get stuck on them, but if you use a movement skill to get past them, you drop the spirit. AWESOME.