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Definitely needs a projectile speed buff. It's painfully slow and I miss a good 50% of the time unless the monster is running at me. And that's awful when all the DPS of these skills comes from getting Essence Drain on an enemy and spreading it. With the damage as low as it is, I am not about to give up Controlled Destruction or Void Manipulation to get Faster Projectiles.
~b/o 2 chaos
~b/o 3 chaos
~b/o 4 chaos
~b/o 5 chaos
~b/o 8 chaos
~b/o 10 chaos
~b/o 12 chaos
~b/o 15 chaos
~b/o 20 chaos
~b/o 25 chaos
~b/o 2.5 exa
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I just wanted to give feedback somewhere about the patch notes and Chris's quick turnaround with the challenges and Rigwald's armor stuff.

There have been times when I was unhappy with changes (Arctic Armor remains one of these) but my faith in GGG has been restored by the leaping/charging cooldown, slight map boss nerfs, little extra mana, and these challenge edits... This is one of the few times in recent memory patch notes etc didn't make me real sad. I really NEVER expected map bosses to be nerfed in any way, I thought skipping some (or most) of them was entirely intended. And in Tempest we were really mana starved. My casters were using Blood Magic even.

I really dislike how people decry any perceived monster "nerfs" even when they are way more healthy for the game, just because they think any tinkering with enemies that doesn't buff them makes the game somehow not as "hardcore." As if there can never be an error when making monsters stronger or more annoying, or some larger change that requires a rebalance, and any backstep is deplorable.

Anyway, good job GGG, I am no longer on the fence about getting a new supporter pack this season. <3

Oh, as an aside, I dislike the "ID all these super rare uniques" challenges. But I understand why you guys like those kind of challenges. I just hate the hassle of trading. And I don't typically accumulate wealth enough to get the items for such a challenge. :P