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Hey GGG, if you're changing the statues again in the future (and intend to keep a 1:1 on the gender ratio) might I suggest putting the male statue on the Health globe. A large rugged man fits better on the Health/Strength side and a sleek woman on the Mana/Intelligence side, especially if we look at the Marauder and Witch places in the tree.
Completed 5 Challengeskasub wrote:
Chris confirmed that the top of the tree is being improved in the latest podcast. That is part of the many passive improvements for the upcoming expansion.

Yeah, I am hoping they make some good changes. :o
I basically only play witch and shadow casters, so I might really get back into the game if the changes are awesome! :D
ntall1 wrote:
There is this Rogue-Like game called Tome. In one of the towns there was this barking dog sound effect. Pissed me off to no end, and it would also piss off my dog. The community made a mod for the game that removed this annoyance, then the devs ended up removing due to the massive amount of negative feedback.

I must say tho, I have never once noticed the chirping birds. Maybe its because I have lots of chirping birds outside my house all day every day.

However there are still periodic eagle screeches in Tales of Maj'Eyal.