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I don't remember having this problem before 1.2 but now sometimes, especially with large amounts of items, the little labels are like an entire screen away from the actual items sometimes. My character runs to go get an item I click on, and then I can't see the text from the other items anymore.

I took a screenshot, though this is a mild example:
(You can see the white outline of the Quilted Jacket on the ground where it actually is)
Completed 3 Challengeschimpanzee wrote:

1. Tornado Shot archers have the Slow aura, Barrage + Cold Call ones don't.
2. Each has a different name. (Hand of Na'em / Servant of Haast)
3. Their skill pool. One uses Tornado Shot with LMP and regular shots that don't leave Cold Calls. The other leaves Cold Calls on hit and occassionally uses Barrage.

Ah ok. The "Servant/Hand/Eyes/Feet of" things all kinda blurred together for me.
As for #3, I was looking for a way to identify them before getting attacked hopefully. So knowing they have a slow aura is just the thing.
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Completed 3 Challengeschimpanzee wrote:
There are two archers.
Tornado shot archers, I agree that those are completely out of tune. When they fire their tornado shot, it can tickle you, or it can shotgun you eating 4k of your life pool. The other archers are only dangerous if you're not paying attention. Their 'cold calls' are only cast when they hit you with their arrows. When they fire a barrage, that means immediately moving out of they way, as that means multiple 'cold calls' at once.

I thought it was something Barrage related because they seemed rapid like that skill. Interesting. Thanks for the info. Is there a way to know which archer it is before they destroy my anus?