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Everytime i try and change the slightest graphics option, the game just freezes and then crashes...I'm not able to play on this computer because i don't have pixel shader 3, but i atleast want to try and lower the options to see if i can get it running.

I have Radeon X850
I was playing Path of exile a couple of days ago, and i was getting very poor fps...a lot of the players recommend i get windows xp and they said that they were running it off xp.

I just now thought.

Is windows xp even compatible with this game?
Will i be able to download and install the game without any problems with xp?

Was i being trolled? 0_0
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7Soul wrote:
Remember they will be adding more video options, such as reduced effects and simpler geometry :)

If they can find a way to reduce the requirments for Shader model, i will be able to play with 30-50 FPS No sweat

But, from what i hear. It's not possible

I just can't wait to play this game with steady fps, its killing me!