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Every time I desync back into a group of mobs 3 or 4 times in a row until they finally kill me, I know I will never play HC. Every time I fight a rare devourer with extra fast + powerful crits, I know I will never play HC.

I disagree that HC builds are more carefully thought out, you just end up focusing on your defensive build more than your offensive. Its just a different train of though, not a lack of thought for SC builds. Ultimately, I think it just comes down to personality. Some people like the thrill of death being the end, some do not.

Also, my hoarding personality would never allow me to play a league where I could loose my character and stuff...
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The basic design of the assassin quests, as well as a few others, makes it difficult for massive AoE specs to pull off. I don't think that is going to change, but there are ways around it.

Other masters quests are more irritating. Vorcan's totem fight with his autocasting searing bond and healing is crazy hard. I have not beat it yet, he just keeps healing and max fire resist doesn't seem to help much against those totems. Zana's timed maps with only 5 minutes to basically clear a map to activate 10 fragments or whatnot is almost impossible unless your DPS is crazy high. Clearly my 13k is not sufficient. Those are probably the two worst offenders I have come across that are not hard simply due to a build weakness, but just harder than seems necessary or balanced in any way.
IGN: FemmeFatality
Hey Folks! I just had a couple small things I thought needed tweaking or small quality of life things I wish had made it into the expansion, so i thought i would list them real quick.

1. Master's quests at high levels
totally not worth it, dangerous as hell and the exp should be a little higher if I am putting myself at such risk. Also, some balancing still needs to be done. I do 13k dps and could not kill the Weapons master in the allotted time in a 73 map. That seems unfair, granted I am a caster so i do some dancing, but I was still hitting him more than half the time. He just healed when I though I had him and was way too tough in my opinion. Also, the timed cartographers quest I don't even try anymore. I always get freezing ground and a stupidly large complex map with no fragment thingys in sight. Its a waste of my time to even try.

2. Daily quests
Why are these always on Cruel? Wouldn't I get more exp for Merciless? I don't get why you can't choose the level or something.

3. Crafting Tables
Are awesome! However, some of the prices seem out of whack. 70 jeweler's to 5s an item? No thank you. I don't' even know what it wants to 6s an item, i haven't gotten him to level 6 yet. Also, couldn't we making 5/6 linking a bit cheaper? I am tired of people saying 6L is a luxury, its a damn necessity if you want to do any sort of endgame. I have one and I still can't kill Atzi.

4. Same old problems
The expansion has been a huge improvement in a lot of ways, but desync remains my number one cause of death and I still have yet to find any good uniques. I guess the drop thing will never be addressed and I am just cursed with bad luck, but at this point i just want to forge my 1000 redbeaks into a decent unique or something. I guess what I am trying to say is that it might be time to fix some old problems before working on new content.

Well thats my rant. Great job on the expansion though GGG! Keep up the good work.
IGN: FemmeFatality