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clariska wrote:
I don't have the expansion yet but tbh i wont even waste my time on d3 tbh in my currency its R520 to buy games then you still have to dl the whole thing really not worth it as not all can afford uncapped internet and with R520 i can survive a month :D

ppl complaining PoE is to hard most prob never played d2 with the 1.13 patch on hell :D this games easy compared to that.My brother finished it on normal quite fast.

I only started a little while ago and tbh aint hard if you know strategies :P.

Your main character being level 18 you're still in the phase where ANY build with ANY crappy gear can cut the mustard... wait till your knowledge of strategies hits the wall of "required" items to progress, at about the same time you will realize said items are gated by numerous layers of insane RNG and... how many mistakes you made in your skill tree !

You will improve your tree mastery with the next character you'll roll, but the gear wall and rotten RNG will still be there.

Enjoy it while it's not hard, PoE is more or less a game where you either faceroll all contents or be facerolled.
LSN wrote:
Will a SFL make the game better at all?
I argue that it wont!

This is the perfect example of a SFL deceived player. A SFL wont change anything about you grinding endlessly for little reward. Even with increased droprates you will reach a certain level of gear that you can hardly improve at all with finding and crafting.

It seems you missed - on purpose ? - the important points, so I'll expose them once again in an even simpler way:


- everyone deserves his/her stuff
- no one gets fat thanks to another one's work
- you play ARPG, not Trade-Sim
- no RMT, no wallet warriors, no crooks.

Got it ?
DirkAustin wrote:

You should not be so selfish, its not your game its GGGs game and they can go in any direction they want.

If you donate on the grounds of getting what you want youre doing it wrong.

If its less and less your game i guess there are many games to choose from you might prefer over POE.

GGG are doing what they want with THEIR game...
I'm doing what I want with MY money.

I'm donating on the grounds of the fun and enjoyment I derive from the game and to put it frankly I haven't cared to play for about a week as I realized I was getting bored of grinding endlessly with little reward to justify the hours/energy spent and how far I was of getting anywhere.

I will prolly pop up here and then to catch the wind and see if things evolve in a direction that would more suit my tastes... but indeed there are plenty of other games around, and GGG should be grateful for you to make such fine and subtle suggestions.