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4Q - Yes, u will able to summon another totem! 2 Total.
Hey guys, i was theorycrafting about an "elemental templar" and i find one build kinda...very powerfull. Its based on Discharge (Endurance Charges).
First the skill tree:

The skills idea its ->

Discharge with Increase AOE - Added Lightning Damage (Shock) - Item Rarity - Item Quantity.

Enduring Cry with Increase AOE - Faster Casting.

Determination with Mana Reduce.

Purity with Mana Reduce.

Infernal Blow (For single target if needed) with Faster Attacks - ADD Lightning Damage - Life Leech - Mana Leech

Shield Charge (More used for mobility) with ?

Shield Charge can be changed for Phase Walk, maybe? The ideia its running throug MANY mobs, using enduring cry, then discharge. Determination with Purity for more tankie, cuz u gonna take ALOT of hits prob. I used alot of elemental dmg nodes cuz i think its a BURST for this skill that uses only fire damage as main damage source.
Pretend to use Chain itens (Armor+ES).
Dont know if im right, or if im wrong...opinions please?
First time trying to make a build, so...dont hate me! :P

Thanks for your time, and please...come help me build an cool Templar!

Sorry about my bad english, tryin to learn more and more. :)

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Thanks for the fast feedback!
In that case, what gems u recommend? Active/Support?
U think its worth it? The elemental equilibrium build? Or u have any idea of another "Dual Wand Elemental Build"?