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Synicale wrote:
Yeah, fuck Ziggy, fuck Etup and all the rest of the people. Lets give all the shit to Kripp, who came back just because there is a massive flow of people cuz of ACT4 hype.

Kripp and Pohx only ones with big amount of viewers, so yeah. They also play other games such as HS / AA so they aren't limited to only POE viewers.

Best for getting more people to join poe.

People forget about Willy and Mors when it comes to streamers of PoE regularly. Willy can easily hit about 1k viewers when playing PoE, Mors about 300-400.
Synicale wrote:
1. Streamers (Exception of Kripp and Pohx, they don't fake and have massive followings)
2. People who spam accounts.
3. Random players with a level 40 main.
4. Random players without a character and who haven't visited since signing up for CBT. (alts????)

pls fix

Long term player here. I've put over $200+ into PoE since 2011, I've helped alpha test it, promote it, gotten friends to play it, etc. I have one single account.

Why exactly do I not deserve it? Note, I am basing this off your thread title since that is a very click bait-y title.
Alpha testers get in, sweet. Can't wait, this expansion looks amazing.