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As a fan of lore and backstory, I'm kinda hoping some of this is true. I also hoped at some point we'd get a chance to meet some of the legendary characters we hear about from various NPC's and unique items (i.e. Kaom). Also crossed fingers for a Piety return, easily one of my favorite characters in the lore. - Home of the POE Tribune Podcast
Having this issue as well, I can't even join public parties or make any party. - Home of the POE Tribune Podcast
Completed 2 ChallengesRoyalStar wrote:
Game is designed around the trade, and the actual trade is very bad.

I don't get how people say trading is "bad" in PoE. I mean, look at other ARPG's that came before, most if not all of them didn't have an Auction House or other form of centralized trading (Korean ARPG's not withstanding). So you did things the "old fashioned" way, you found people in chat to trade with, you looked on either official forums or fansite forums for people to trade with. You maybe found someone else in a game you're actively in, to trade with.

No hub or AH to just look at. Sure kinda functions as a hub for finding people (hell you can filter for if they are online or not) but at least you still have to talk to the person, haggle with them, interact with them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the trade system in PoE. The one thing I can think of is maybe the Notice Board being used to post trades rather than serve as a LFG tool, HOWEVER you almost never see this in the hardcore leagues. We do not need an Auction House, it just further removes people from interacting with each other. - Home of the POE Tribune Podcast