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Tempest shield gives you the lightning effect.

JamJam22 wrote:
Yea, but thats a skill gem. I'm talking a microtransaction for shield effects.

And it is that goofy "T" Wraeclast symbol. . .now, bolts racing around in a circle or radiating out from a central point. . .that would be awesome.
As it is, when a totem summons minions, the minions and the totems that summon them are listed as one quantity. If there could be a separate indicator for the totems, even just a different quantity shown on the same icon, it would make things more manageable. As is, when the number of minions gets high, it is often difficult to see your totems and make sure you have both of them still in play. Normal totemancers have this privilege so. . .why not summoner totemancers? =)

Thanks for being awesome.
Many of the power-ups/power-downs in POE show their duration via an icon in the upper-left of the UI. However, when Bone Offering or Flesh Offering are used, there is no way to know how long it will last. I wonder if this was an oversight in development.

Is this a deliberate choice by the developers? Has this been discussed in the community? (I did a search but nothing relevant came up. I may be using the wrong search criteria.)