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Completed 5 Challengesmost1010 wrote:
Thanks for help :)

What do you prefer ?
Fireball + Chain or Fireball + Pierce ?

If you really want to capitalize on what Fireball has to offer, increase the blast radius, increase the chance to ignite, and stack burning damage and spell/elemental damage. You see, whatever modifiers you have for spell/elemental damage are additive, and then the increases to burning damage apply to that total spell/elemental damage with other modifiers. Combine this with a good sized area and the increased chance to realize that burning damage with ignite and it gets hot! Now you're cooking with gas, buddy!

I have completed the beta version of my Path of Exile Character Design tooland would like to have people test it and see if they can break it. The tool allows you to choose skills and gear in groups and see what character attributes have to be at each level to use gear and skills unimpeded. Players can also bundle this information with passive builds and save their choices by bookmarking or sharing a link.

For example, here is a Marauder using Greataxes and the Herald skills:

. . .or perhaps a Lightning Tendrils witch:

Any observations, notes or questions appreciated.

Any discovery of errors definitely appreciated.

Hane fun!
The added elemental damage local to weapons has been changed since 2.1 dropped. Does anyone know when that happened and, more importantly, if there is any reliable reference for what the new ranges are?