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I have item filters for each character that I play and it is a pain to have to remember to switch my item filter for each character. I often play for a bit before I catch my mistake. I think it would be a useful and simple-to-implement change to the client to have it check the POE folder for the presence of an item filter with the same name as the character and, if none exists, just load the most recently used filter. Is there some reason this couldn't be achieved?

1. GGG has said again and again forever that this will never happen. Ever.

2. This doesn't create an "option". It immediately introduces a Jacobian dilemma and requires that any person interested in the economy must use the auction house because it is the only way to be a part of the economy in a meaningful way. GGG knows this and won't allow it to happen for that reason.

3. The fact that Path of Exile is not pay-to-win is one of the biggest reasons for its success. This is just another reason why GGG won't change POE by adding an auction house. Furthermore, that level of success is why. . .

4. GGG gives a fuck about more money. Their revenue levels from the initial release alone is more money than the god of cocaine and hookers himself could spend and they make more every day.

So, sorry. . .no auction house for you.
I create item filters for each character I make that are specific to that character. As they progress, it highlights the items that are potentially best for them. I think it would be a useful (and easy-to-implement) feature if the client would check for an item filter with the exact same name as the character when the character loads. This would prevent having to manually switch filters every time a new character is chosen and, if there is no filter matching the character name, it could just default to last filter loaded, like it does now. This would save a lot of lost time running around with the wrong filter loaded, which is what happens to me currently.