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I just finished updating a little Javascript tool for designing character ideas in POE. The page allows you to:

- Choose and group skills for character ideas
- Track the stat requirements (strength, intelligence, dexterity) per level up through lvl 75
- Embed a passive skill tree layout for the character
- URL updates as you go so you can bookmark your choices and see them later
- Filter skills by class to know what skills will be readi;y available during development of the character

Of course, looking for feedback and ideas. I hope someone out there finds this useful!
Neat! Thanks for the heads-up.
This is a screenshot of my Trial Plaque in Cruel, at the end of the Trial in The Chamber of Sins.

The Map information in the upper right shows I am in Cruel difficulty.

The World Menu to the left indicates I am no farther than Act 2 in Cruel difficulty.

The Trial Plaque indicates I have completed all Trials.

Am I making a mistake or does this look wrong to anyone else?
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