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CAHelix wrote:
The way mods of certain item levels effect [sic] the actual required level of the item I have a hard time understanding.

It seems to be based on how many high ilvl mods an item has on it but it's hard to predict, pain in the ass when trying to craft LLD gear.

I'm not sure what "LLD gear" but the level requirement for any item is determined by either the highest level requirement among the modifiers that are applied to the item or the base level requirement for that item, which ever is highest. (If I am not understanding your question/issue, PM me and I will try to help, if I can.)
ChuanHsing wrote:
There are some same name prefix but different values in different item type.

You can check my site for better values:

The values on this site reflect the wiki. The values found both at this link and the wiki are wrong.
I've done some research on this subject over the past day and determined a few things. First of all, . .

Additionally, affixes with a certain required item level only raise the required equip level of the item to some fraction of the required item level of the affix.

This is absolutely wrong. If a piece of gear has an affix and the value falls into a range, the level requirement is static if the affix is the highest aspect with a level requirement for that piece of gear. There is no gradient level requirement system.

Second, the resistances are largely the way they have been. The only change that has occurred is to the level requirements. I have a partial (and probably inaccurate) listing of the new level requirements, based in cursory research:

Of the Whelpling: 0
Of the Salamander: 9
Of the Drake: 19
Of the Kiln: 28
Of the Furnace: 38
Of the Volcano: 48
Of the Magma: ???

Of the Inuit: 0
Of the Seal: 11
Of the Penguin: 20
Of the Yeti: 30
Of the Walrus: 40
Of the Polar Bear: 56
Of the Ice: ???

Of the Cloud: 0
Of the Squall: 10
Of the Storm: 20
Of the Thunderhead: 29
Of the Tempest: 39
Of the Maelstrom: 48
Of the Lightning: ???

Of the Crystal: 9
Of the Prism: 19
Of the Kaleidoscope: 28
Of the Variegation: 40
Of the Rainbow: 52

Of the Lost: 12
Of Banishment: 24
Of Eviction: 35
Of Expulsion: 45
Of Exile: ???

So, if anyone can provide values for missing and/or inaccurate level requirements, we can update at least the resistances on the wiki for the good of mankind and all that happy shit. Thanks.