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If Infernal Blow can work for unarmed attacks, why not Molten Strike? My Facebreaker is dying to mash faces with the power of lava!
The box of descriptive text that is present during a strongbox encounter is a distraction and interferes with targeting. Considering that no other object in the environment behaves like this, I'm assuming the additional challenge of having the description box in the way is not an intentional challenge. I recognize that this can be avoided by turning of the loot labels (default toggle key: Z) but nothing else in the game has behaved like this before so I'm wondering if this behavior is an oversight.

I would suggest a smaller concise label with a tool tip-style box to pop-out on mouse-over. But of course, you guys know what options are available better than I do and I look forward to your solution for this.

As always, keep being awesome.
Does anyone else find the enormous box of text that displays when a strongbox is triggered in Ambush to be annoying?

(Apologies if I am late to the party or missed a discussion thread somewhere.)