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Clocksimus wrote:


You are talking about invasion, and I am talking about Beyond. Maybe I wasn't clear before. Invasion 2.0" means is that mobs invade your instance and the general populace gave extremely negative feedback to that league. That league to the community was a failure. Personally I didn't mind invasion. It was pretty hard. Moving on. Beyond has received a similar wave of negative feedback from the populace and I don't like this league. I would rather play invasion again than this. BEYOND adds nothing to the game. BEYOND is unrewarding and inefficient. BEYOND is a bad idea.

If you are trying to tell me, that Beyond is as good as any of the past leagues in Hardcore were, and the base assumption for this determination is that "stuff is supposed to kill you" then why make Beyond in the first place. They have to design this game around the community, and most of the community can't or wont kill the beyond packs. If the Beyond packs are being ignored and run past then why not just make the league normal HC without them since they are being treated as such anyway. And if people are indeed killing these packs or going slower to avoid portals, then why have you pushed efficiency and speed for 3 years only to now push the opposite?

Congrats dude, you can kill Beyond mobs. So can other people. But the feedback shows you that even if people CAN kill them, that doesn't mean they are going to play the same league for 85 more days. If your stance was the correct one for the game, then GGG would not be implementing rolling changes to the league.