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Clocksimus wrote:


You are talking about invasion, and I am talking about Beyond. Maybe I wasn't clear before. Invasion 2.0" means is that mobs invade your instance and the general populace gave extremely negative feedback to that league. That league to the community was a failure. Personally I didn't mind invasion. It was pretty hard. Moving on. Beyond has received a similar wave of negative feedback from the populace and I don't like this league. I would rather play invasion again than this. BEYOND adds nothing to the game. BEYOND is unrewarding and inefficient. BEYOND is a bad idea.

If you are trying to tell me, that Beyond is as good as any of the past leagues in Hardcore were, and the base assumption for this determination is that "stuff is supposed to kill you" then why make Beyond in the first place. They have to design this game around the community, and most of the community can't or wont kill the beyond packs. If the Beyond packs are being ignored and run past then why not just make the league normal HC without them since they are being treated as such anyway. And if people are indeed killing these packs or going slower to avoid portals, then why have you pushed efficiency and speed for 3 years only to now push the opposite?

Congrats dude, you can kill Beyond mobs. So can other people. But the feedback shows you that even if people CAN kill them, that doesn't mean they are going to play the same league for 85 more days. If your stance was the correct one for the game, then GGG would not be implementing rolling changes to the league.
Clocksimus wrote:

I absolutely hate posts like these.

Needs better risk vs reward
Difficulty is fake and just annoyance instead
feature is not creative

What exactly is your idea of this mythical creative difficulty you speak of?

How was Invasion a good thing in the end? Because the bosses were reduced to nothing more than loot pinata?

Every. Single. HC league since the dawn of HC leagues, have been designed to hinder and kill the players. There is not a single exception to this. Onslaught, Nemesis, Invasion, and Beyond, were not made to reward you for your efforts. They were designed to challenge your skill as a player. Faster monsters, deadly mob affixes, unique bosses, powerful magic, rare, and unique monsters. All designed to kill you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You guys are playing the wrong league.

I can completely understand someone not liking the concept of Beyond but to be frank, stop talking bullshit. HC leagues have always and will always be designed to make your life in PoE harder. If you want an easier league, there is an alternative.

"Harder". Beyond mobs aren't hard, they are inefficient. There is a big difference between complaining about the difficulty and the idea. I only really enjoy playing HC content and the Beyond mobs can stay exactly like they are for all I care. The difficulty is not the problem. The issue is that they add nothing to the league. HC is meant to kill you, Beyond mobs kill you. Maybe you haven't been playing since long enough to realize that the goal is to kill things faster. The idea of introducing mobs that spawn to slow you down not because they are harder, but only because they take longer to kill is hardly a good idea. The only mobs we are talking about are the horribly affixed mobs, not the easy ones. They mobs don't need a nerf, the "Beyond" idea needs a buff. It's really really really lackluster.

"If you kill mobs close enough and fast enough demons from another realm will come out". By demons you mean mobs that look like mobs already in the game just with a different skin that 90% of have the same affixes as normal rares/blues and the other 10% you just skip? You can't sit there and really believe that they gave us a gem of a league idea with this.

You ask how they can get creative? How about CREATE something new and not recycle mobs/affixes. If the beyond mobs were completely new mobs with completely new abilities and affixes you wouldn't hear complaining about how the league is bad, just about how hard the mobs are. Then your reply posts that contain the same "stop complaining about how hard hc is" would have relevance.
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CCR5 wrote:
No switching.

Realize that HC and SC are different only in one-death rule.

Don't force HC players into SC for "level 90 achievement" or something like that.

Create 4-month leagues with identical rules.

Beyond would still be HC, SC would still be rampage. Just the orb drop and killstreak system would be switched. Meanwhile GGG has said they have so many different league ideas that I doubt they'll ever be doing only 1 league with 1 new system every 3 months. The 2 league system lets them test each new system separate from the other.

You are on the right track. But them having "so many ideas" for leagues doesn't mean good news to me. After all of the negative feedback from invasion. They made invasion 2.0. Your idea on how to change it makes sense. I think what this guy who responded to you missed was your point for switching.

Beyond in it's initial and for the most part current form goes against the last 3 years of how you wanted to play PoE, quickly and efficiently. We'll see how they change it going forward. Basically as long as the Beyond mobs that spawn don't severely inhibit your clear speed then the idea makes sense. But if the idea is to introduce something that deliberately slows you down without adding creative difficulty then I think this league will be as big if not a bigger failure than invasion.

As we can see invasion in a pretty good idea when scaled and used properly. Beyond can be that as well.