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holy shit
this sucks! no high level pvp tourneys? i dont get it!

Imo it's only fair >.< The difference in Gear when it comes to BiS mirrored items is way too big compared to low lvl pvp.

Ya because once people realize you need to eternal exalt level 28 gear to compete, this will be so much more fun. Farming normal piety for hours instead of mapping so you dont get pwned.
I never got the appeal of LL PVP even back in WoW and my experience in WoW was that the normal player suffered the most getting all their fun destroyed by decked out low level chars.
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2 Hand melee including 2 Hand ST is the worst specc subgenre right now. Because they lack Block and Spellblock which is the meta right now. They are basically the Archers of last cycle which only are viable because of ther pretty good damage buff.
I still remember when Exalted Orbs were 20-25 Chaos , but then people like Manocean started to show people how to crash the market. I feel multiboxing is part of the problem together with that there is no real Chaos sink anymore.