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2 Hand melee including 2 Hand ST is the worst specc subgenre right now. Because they lack Block and Spellblock which is the meta right now. They are basically the Archers of last cycle which only are viable because of ther pretty good damage buff.
I still remember when Exalted Orbs were 20-25 Chaos , but then people like Manocean started to show people how to crash the market. I feel multiboxing is part of the problem together with that there is no real Chaos sink anymore.
Xavderion wrote:
Yes, you are only allowed to use the exalts you've found yourself to craft the Elreon mod :^)

Yes because Exalted orbs are at an healthy rate of 25 Chaos per Exalted Orb anyone can afford right ?

60-80 chaos per Ex is the garena right right now and its coming here too soon.