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The +2 empower gives your zombie gem 2 levels. It is much better than melee phys damage because the 2 levels will increase all of the zombies per level stats including hp and damage. The empower wins and if you get a 6th slot I would either add life leech if they die a lot or melee phys if they need more damage.
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I am trying to level using your build and am wondering when I should start using minions, a 6L is kind of expensive right now but I do have tabula. Should I run spectres in the 6L and 1 less curse or vice versa? Also if you could do passive progression trees it would be greatly appreciated.
Forever alt-oholic
~b/o 10 alt
~b/o 15 alt
~b/o 1 fuse
~b/o 1 chaos
~b/o 2 chaos
~b/o 3 chaos
~b/o 7 chaos
Forever alt-oholic
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