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So you're saying getting to a certain point in the tree and getting some arbitrary bonus for reaching this?

So exactly what jewels are in the beta. You get to the slot and you get that bonus.

Being essentially classless save for tree optimization has been a cornerstone for ggg. Creating fancy titles for effectively nothing would create diversity only in name.
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I am not surprised to see static strike changed.

The fireball's increased AOE seems like a direct change due to the removal of a "shotgun" mechanic.

If you are reading this and wouldn't mind I have a few things you could try in the beta.

1. Leech rate: see how it feels compared to before
2. What is your impression of the new EB?
3. Notice any difference for totems?
4. Look into the minion AI

Hopefully you could get to some of these, if not that's cool. Thanks
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What kind or supporter packs are planned for act 4 expansion?
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