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Completed 10 ChallengesMrNeskOne wrote:
Yeah also wondering about leveling and bandits.
And good unique weapons to level with for this build?

I'm actually doing this build as we speak, love it so far!
As for bandits i'm taking normal oak, not sure wich one i should take on cruel yet, but both oak with the 16 phys dam or kraitlyn with 8% attack speed are good choices and kraitlyn on merciless for the +1 frenzy charge.

The blood reaper uniq 2H axe is a good lvling uniq (lvl 45) or you could just use any 2H weapon with spectral throw untill you get to lvl 70.

To OP hope its ok im answering questions in your topic :)

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Completed 1 ChallengeSarah_GGG wrote:
Hey there! You mention that you're unable to see the passive tree at all, and it appears your screenshot is only on the website. Could you confirm if you're definitely having trouble seeing your passive tree in-game?

If it is just the website where you are having issues we would suggest making sure your browser is up to date and try resetting your browser cache and cookies.

If you are experiencing a strange error like this in-game as well, please try running a Pack Check - details on how to do this can be found here:

Hi Sarah

Sorry for not beeing more specific about it, but it's only on the website, in-game i have no problems seeing my passive tree!

I've tried updating my browser (chrome) and resetting my browser cache and it's still the same image i get. Dont know what chrome is up to . . .

edit: just finished installing firefox and there i have no problems seeing my passive tree on the website! Well it will have to do for now, better than nothing :)
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Tergen wrote:
Can you get a print screen of the issue so we can see what you mean better?

Been a long day at work, sry for the late reply :)

here it is:
This is my current character in perandus hc league
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