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Completed 8 ChallengesIronmallet wrote:
Jozen, so was the card a reference to Warcraft 3?

No, not at all. I liked the name Reign of Chaos over Rain of Chaos because it sounds the same but has more meaning behind it. Plus it went better with the flavor text. I started playing Magic when I was nine year olds, back when Revised had just came out. So when I started playing PoE, chaos orbs always made me think of:

So when GGG announced Divination Cards I knew I wanted to make a card about:

Which is itself a nod to a story(several paragraphs down): (question Dec 19, 2002)

Feel free to explain why 'Rain of Chaos' gives only one chaos orb then. Fairly sure you guys know what 'rain' means.

Did Jozen specifically request just one orb for 8 cards, and insist it be called 'rain'? Really curious about that one.

Oh, and The Alpha's Howl card art is *terrible*. Yes, in most cases you struck a fine balance between stylistic and truly artistic, but in that case, it looks like a fucking doodle. Were I the supporter behind that I'd be like 'uhm, 1.1k for that? Seriously?'

Anyway, good job sucking a lot of money out of folks for *far* less dev work than required for the cheaper (and now obviously defunct, at least openly) custom unique design pack. Better than the farce that was Grandmasters, at least.

If anyone asks me if this is worth it, I say if they don't have their own unique to promote/work with or some personal message (as with The Lover -- so sad!), probably not. 1.1k USD to fill out a submission form with like, four options and *maybe* get a few messages back and forth with a faceless dev (probably Nick) regarding 'compromise'?

Nope. Not that GGG I supported so heavily and happily.

That pretty much summed up my experience with the Div card process. After my card went live and I was able to find it and where it dropped specifically, I was severely disappointed. My e-mails to GGG about it resulted in responses along the line of "It's working as intended" and "we can't tell you anything else". I had specifically asked as part of the design process that it have as many cards as possible so as to be like alteration shards for chaos orbs. I followed what was on the div card page and chose something with a pretty low rarity so that the card would be a common drop. I expected it to drop in multiple zones like Carrion Crow; instead it drops in Cruel and Merc Crossroads and the Village Ruins map. What that means is that the card pretty much never gets completed. No-one is going to farm Crossroads for a single chaos.

Completed 20 ChallengesSerleth wrote:

Considering I typically get 4-6 of those cards per Village Ruin run, certainly feels like it's raining Divination Cards at least, if not chaos orbs.

Fits with the drop rate discussion as well; as we well know, you can easily go 10 maps without dropping a single chaos orb. Two to three VR map runs = 1 chaos = fitting enough to me.

Fits well with the flavour text also: Where the shards fell, all was destroyed. Seems like a village got ruined by a rain (or perhaps reign) of chaos.

As for the name, and amount required per stack:

Once we've mutually decided a name, flavour text and reward item, we take over the process. We'll create art for your card, balance its rarity, determine how many you'll need to complete a stack, and assign it to drop in specific locations.

-- From "How Divination Card Submissions Will Work"

So, stands to reason that Jozen decided the 1 chaos orb, GGG decided the cards per stack, and the name was mutually agreed on.

Glad to hear it's working better in Village Ruin. Yes, it was supposed to be Reign of Chaos but I was told that would cause copyright issues with WC3 so I had to settle for Rain of Chaos.
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