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Ascendancy was meant to be please those that wanted some identity in their class.....I think. Though, most of the Ascendancy sub trees are trying to fit in the stereotype of these classes, so it might seem to be limiting with ascendancy tree if you do a really bizarre build in a class that was not meant to be, but still can be theorycrafted....because this is PoE. In that sense, it cannot be helped.
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Completed 40 ChallengesSerleth wrote:

OW was only released today (5pm MT), just a bit burnt from PoE.

It is understandable. Maybe we can meet up in-game again the day before Prophecy league starts. Going to take a small break soon, so I can get back at PoE on June 3rd. Of course, I need to start preparing for the new offline planner tree for my 25 chars (and potential 26th ;) ) hence why needing to return the day before the patch.
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No wonder you were not online for a while, Serleth. lol

Was waiting on you so you can maybe do me one favor before you dip into Prophecy.

Has to do with this dagger. ;)
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