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Grim Dawn gets Animated Trailer and VO!

We're very pleased to say that Grim Dawn will be receiving an animated story intro trailer and VO. This was made possible by successful Early Access sales over the past year. The trailer will set up the start of the game, showing the capture of the Aetherial-possessed human who, freed from the spirit, becomes the player character. It will be comprised of still images brought to life with video editing, FX and some animation.

We're also adding voiceover to the main game - it will cover main quest lines for primary NPCs and some intro lines for others.

Top people are currently racing to get this all ready for Grim Dawn’s impending Q1 release!

That official release is so going to be worth it for me. :D
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You heathens.

Carrot juice all the way.

I can handle fruit juices with no issues......but veggie juices like carrot juice...makes me go >_<

Though, I can eat carrots (and other vegetables to a good extent).....while I do not like eating fruits. My body works in a weird way. lol
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I have to agree on the Dr. pepper however

7up. > Sprite you filthy casual

The same reason I do not drink Pepsi is the same reason I do no drink 7up. They taste a little too strange to me compare to Coke/Sprite. I would rather drink Mountain Dew over 7up and I find it a bit meh at times, but that is just me probably in a meh mood. :3
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