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VictorDoom wrote:
i dont even think its legal to be that stupid

No shit im actually worried.

Literally makes me feel sick.
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TheWretch wrote:
Completed 1 ChallengeOhhPaige wrote:
Those are good, not sure what tri res boots go for.

With life and 30% IMS? A fuckton.

Really? How much IS a fuckton? 10-15 ex? or so or more
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mazul wrote:
DirkAustin wrote:
The thing is, with this thread youre basically bragging about getting something for free. Its like if a charity said, hey we got millions of dollars from some random person we dont know but we like to brag about it nonetheless.

Really? Christ, the man is showing gratitude, not "bragging" lol.

I'd have to chime in here and say i feel somewhat the same as dirk, i think with gratitude there is a certain unexpressed obviousness to the fact. (not withstanding the pm system)

Feeling the need to make a public thread, maybe comes from excitement and not bragging still.

still can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of someone who got no points and doesn't have any mtx or anything already...

also puts charan in the public spotlight for possibly the wrong reasons.
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