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I'll make a video once I level up my Herald of Thunder to 18 or 19. It should take a few days.
same name in-game
Lightning Tendrils in Endless Ledge? Awww shiii...
same name in-game
reskone wrote:

what do you think about this way to play CoC ?
A friend wanna try it but it seems for me that the survivability looks low on this build, can u give me your opinions since u know better than me ^^ ?

That build is certainly good and less expensive to get high damage with. The survivability really isn't comparable though-- this build has an incredible stack of defenses.

It's also worth pointing out that the damage ceiling is higher with this build if you choose the softcore version. This is because the use of both Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice and a higher focus on critical strike multiplier. Before Herald of Thunder they had the same damage potential though, I think.

I don't advertise the use of Righteous Fire but it should be much easier to maintain with this build considering the near-100% maximum fire resistances with a Ruby Flask and highly potent life flasks.

So really it just depends on how high of a budget you have and how skillful you are as a player. This build is obviously quite expensive if you get all the optimal items and puts high focus on using flasks with great timing.

C0Y0T3_SLY wrote:

I tried it with Power Syphin, and also with Frenzy. Problem is that I only really use it as basically a last resort to not lose charges, and with the 50% top on PCoC I still lost them half the time. Barrage/LMP iis good for the same reason you use it for damage - you get Lita of roll checks with a single use, so it almost always works the first time.

Still, I think the first currency I dump will be on a chest piece. I'm debating between a simple tabula or for about 1ex extra a 5L Voll's. I think I'm leaning toward the Volls at the moment but I'm not sure.

I looked at the PCoC wiki page and realized I forgot that the chance rolls per hit rather than only once per skill use. So yeah, Barrage should definitely be a more reliable skill.

I definitely recommend using a Tabula Rasa instead of a Voll's Protector. The 50% reduced maximum mana is pretty hurtful with this build and Power Charge on Critical is just as reliable for Power Charges. Plus you'll never have to recolor your sockets, and if you want you can even buy one with a beneficial corruption.
same name in-game