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Hey Mark. First off I just want to say thanks for answering the years of my questions I've been asking in PMs over the years. You've helped me out in my theorycrafting on numerous occasions and I'm thankful for that. It's cool to see this thread become a thing.

So I have a few questions once again. Sorry if they've been asked already, I just can't find the answers anywhere at the moment.

1) Does Projectile Weakness' "increased damage taken from projectiles" increase the damage taken from certain projectile explosions with hits, such as Molten Strike's and Blast Rain's area of effect explosions?

2) What is the base mine arming time?

3) Are there any timed animations or delays between, before, or after mine laying, mine arming, and mine skill cast? I mean just for the mine itself, not including the character animations, and not including the detonation time as it is instant with Volatile Mines.

4) Does the "more damage per repeat" of Fire Nova Mines stack additive or multiplicative on the second and subsequent repeats? Someone tried telling me it's the latter and were given staff member confirmation of it but I doubt it.

Thanks in advance once again.
same name in-game
Holy shit.

Cospri's Will is going to revolutionize this build.

The build info will be subject to a lot of change.
same name in-game
Thanks. I'm gonna be updating it with the release of Spirit Offering, which could be a sizable damage buff depending on its modifier values. It'll probably be my first character of the league, to test how the leveling process goes.
same name in-game