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It's really tedious to find out what my current DPS is considering all the multipliers and the fact that the tooltip doesn't help, but when I do that I'll share my findings. But I can say that the damage feels really good so far in tier 12 maps. I'll record another video soon so you get a good idea of what it's like.

Currently I am only using 5Ls, but 6Ls would boost damage tremendously. You can see on my character in my profile a lot of my gems are still level 19 and not max quality so I guess that's considerable. If I go with Slower Projectiles I'd have 66.41% more poison damage with a level 20 gem which is pretty substantial. I've been trying to 6L a Vis Mortis but I'm running out of currency to do so unfortunately.

And yeah... I really hope Poison isn't super nerfed like every other meta GGG deconstructs. I'm banking on us still getting 100% chance to poison but without the increased damage on the gem, which if so means we should still have roughly the same or more damage because of Ascendancy classes.
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Thinking over it, I should probably expand upon the post for the different variants possible. Once I get a 6L or two I'll take a crack at a more defensive version of the build, as it would give me a huge offensive boost that'd make up for the loss of Wrath. I'm gonna edit the post with some possible variations one can use like quad curse, full defensive, full damage, Chaos Inoculation, etc.

I also recently learned that the Trap support gem allows me to bypass the innate cooldown of the skills, which is intriguing. That is to say using the Trap version doesn't put the non-Trap versions in cooldown. With it in mind I might try to work in a link setup in my alternate weapon set for Atziri. That said, it really isn't necessary or fun for normal gameplay, especially for clear speed. It's really only good for the burst damage.
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What is the reason of wrath aura? It wont increase poison dmg at all. Isnt it better to run like maybe 2 blasphemy curses + dicipline if u have the mana so u dont have to curse on hit everything?

Wrath is a high hit damage boost which helps a lot with curse immune maps/enemies. It gets scaled a lot with Generosity, Elemental Equilibrium, Projectile Weakness, and minion damage increases. It's quite noticeable not having it. Even though the poison damage is high, more hit damage helps a lot with clearspeed because it lets the clones target other enemies quickly.

Blasphemy has a small range which really isn't great for the build playstyle because of its range, which would be detrimental for either of the three curses. That said, if you don't want to run Wrath and would rather go more defensive, Arctic Armour is also great. You could also go quad curse if you have super good gear (Astramentis with additional curse would be godly if you're willing to ditch Blightwell) and run Enfeeble + Blasphemy.

It's just a matter of preference. I don't feel it's necessary, but I can see the appeal. I've been running every map mod comfortably up to tier 12 maps (including bosses unless they're super buffed, haven't dropped 13+ though), even Blood Magic, and haven't had problems when playing carefully.
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