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Yes, it works.
in-game: @iao
Ah, cool. Originally I wanted to an Acrobatics version but it just took up way too many points to compare to the tree route that goes into the strength area. If you compare the numbers between your build and mine it should be pretty apparent.

The skill is indeed very mana intensive, so basically you need to make up for it with the combination of a good weapon and enough mana leech. I think I may have the best melee sceptre in Beyond right now (at leats it was the best on for awhile) and with 2% mana leech on gear it is doing fine.

At the moment I am level 72 and this is my current tree. This is my gear:

Things are going great. I just started taking critical strike nodes so my damage has been skyrocketing. By around level 80 I should have them all and be at around 50% total critical strike chance with my current sceptre. From there I want to start filling out the rest of my defense and life nodes. The character has proven to be super tanky with great damage so I am definitely satisfied. I'll update the original post soon.
in-game: @iao
It was both increased attack speed and increased skill duration previously.
in-game: @iao