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~price 6 chaos
~price 12 chaos
~b/o 3.5 exa
~price 4 exa
~price 20 chaos
same name in-game
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Awesome post man! 'Helped me a lot.
same name in-game
This is a build that came to fruition because I wanted to make my own spin on pure RF, which means using it just for its burning damage. I wanted to see if there were ways to make it work the same or better a different way than the typical Marauder setup, and I think I accomplished the latter.

This is just barebones information at the moment but I'll flesh the guide out as I do for my other ones.

Passive Skill Tree (Unfinished)

Leveling with Fire Trap and Searing Bond
Progressing as a burn proliferation build allows for a quick leveling experience and minimal respec'ing.

47 Points - Grab all necessary chance to ignite
64 Points - More damage and survivability
68 Points - Some rearrangement
83 Points - Survivability and preparation for the switch

Righteous Fire
Where the true fun begins.

84 Points - The initial switch
105 Points - An extra curse and better Purity of Fire

Level 23 Purity of Fire
This is where lots of customization comes into play. Each orient is powerful in its own right.

118 Points

Area of Effect
118 Points

All-around Tankiness
118 Points

Atziri Farmer
118 Points

Better Curses
118 Points

Better Flasks
118 Points

Equipment (Unfinished)

same name in-game
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