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Terrible drop RNG (other than the gloves), and got this right at the end without any time to even roll it, lol!

'Was super fun though.
same name in-game
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Ah nice! I'm glad to know you're enjoying it. I'm sure you'll enjoy the leveling process, as skill tree points and good gear makes a huge difference in the power of the build. :)

Perhaps you'll prefer Power Siphon over Barrage for the PCoC setup. It takes less time, it has Culling Strike for bosses (so you can replace GMP with Item Rarity), and if you cull an enemy it'll give you another Power Charge so that can be helpful.

I'll be updating the first post with more information on the dual Herald setup changes involving Alpha Howl and etc. soon. This'll come with the full details on the gem setup because the changes are interconnected.
same name in-game
ZiggyD made it confusing. You can't shock with the storm herald effect of the spell, but you will almost certainly be able to with the lightning damage added to your attacks/spells.

On the skill tooltip it says "Cannot Shock" which means it only applies to the skill. If the added lightning damage couldn't shock, there would be additional information stating that it cannot.

Plus I highly doubt it would work that way anyways. There would need to be a hell of a lot of coding done to make sure it'd work properly. For example, how would it work if the lightning damage that can't shock was added to a skill that already had lightning damage, which inherently can shock? It seems pretty unintuitive and convoluted, which isn't GGG's style.

Edit: After testing it, yes it does work.
same name in-game
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