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about the leaks: one of the rare moments i'm happy that i have no alpha access anymore ;-)
being kicked without a reason really did hurt.

I'm in the same boat, lol. But also :(.
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1. GGG will likely release the tree data to and Headhorr (the creator of the Passive Skill Tree Planner) so they can let us play with before release like they did last time. They are aware it will cause a frenzy if not.

2. You should use the Passive Skill Tree Planner to save your planned trees, and when the new tree is released don't update the planner. Copy the Passive Skill Tree Planner folder and paste it elsewhere, and then update that one instead to play around with the new tree. The first planner will keep the same tree so you can take a look at what your previous plans.

3. They currently aren't included in the free respecs. I suspect if they the rewards are changed they may offer a respec for them as well. Though I don't know for sure.
Not actively playing. Message me if you have questions or whatever.
This skill currently serves no purpose and I really, really wish it did. I theorycrafted a build I thought would be very fun until I took a look at the minion spreadsheets and realized how absolutely terrible the damage output is in comparison to anything else.

Raging Spirits do far more damage per hit, have a higher attack speed, have the Fire tag (allowing its gem to be linked to 5 supports in a +1 to Gems/+2 to Fire Gems staff), fly, THEY EVEN HAVE HIGHER MAXIMUM LIFE FOR SOME REASON, etc. There is absolutely no competition here.

Animated Weapons deal a ridiculous amount of damage with auras, have much longer duration, fly, benefit from Convocation, have higher attack speed on average (and an inherent attack speed bonus), have much higher base movement speed, etc. There is absolutely no competition here.

Raised Zombies are permanent, deal more damage per hit, have double the maximum life, have higher resistances, follow your character, benefit from Convocation, etc. There is absolutely no competition here.

I currently like the way the Summoned Skeletons are designed but I abhor the damage, life, and speed values. These things need to fill a niche in the endgame that isn't in the form of a distraction or blinding agent.

Here are a few generic suggestions I have to improve the skill:
  • Change the name to Summon Skeleton Warriors. This isn't necessary but now that Vaal Summon Skeletons exists, the distinction should be made.
  • Remove the elemental damage penalty. No one is gonna use these guys for elemental damage scaling over Raging Spirits or Animated Weapons anyways. This is so outdated it's still not funny.
  • Give the skill the Melee tag. This is does nothing other than allow the gem to be put into a +1 to Gems/+2 to Melee Gems item. While you're at it, might as well give it to the other melee minions as well.
  • Increase the attack speed slightly to 1.2 attacks per second from ~0.93 and the movement speed a little as well. It's a minor increase but would definitely help with the minions' clunkiness.
  • Give them the same life as Raging Spirits but also the highest armor value of minion skills. Also consider giving them inherent block chance so they have shields for, you know, a reason. Let these things be tanky during their small duration.
  • Increase the amount of skeletons summoned per cast from 2 to 3 at level 10 and to 4 at 18. One of the unique properties of the skill is being able to place skeletons right where you want them, so expanding on it gives this skill a clearer identity. You could also give a cast speed increase that raises per level.
  • Increase the damage per hit for obvious reasons.

Here are some more unique ideas (each one is separate but can be combined as you see fit):
  • Give the skill a variety of melee skeleton types pulled from the Vaal Summon Skeletons skill. The warrior type chosen would be chosen by chance. For example, summoning a single colossal skeleton rather than a couple skeleton warriors.
  • Give the skeletons the unique property of Vis Mortis, in that they gain Unholy Might when they kill an enemy. Rather than giving the buff a duration, leave it to the minion duration.
  • Attach a more multiplier for chaos damage to make the Unholy Might especially powerful and Added Chaos Damage, an obvious pairing with the skill, an added boost.
  • Raise the base critical strike chance and base critical strike multiplier of the minions to create a new niche for summoners.
  • Here's one I like a lot: scale the minions' damage based on how many other skeleton minions there are in proximity. The more skeletons, the higher the damage. I like it because when testing a full Summon Skeletons build I found that I need to resummon them all in one place to get them to target the sane enemies. So it makes the time to summon them all again more rewarding.

I'll write more later. I hope this post is considered. Please let me know what you think, GGG.
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