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No problem! Yeah I went quite in depth to make sure people knew exactly what the thought process behind it is.

I also plan on making a guide for crafting the perfect wand for this build, though I don't expect it to be any time soon.

The next thing on my list is to do a full write-up on the gem setup, rather than just show the gear with the gems in the items.
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Ah sorry, I accidentally left that in from when I was beginning to edit the crafting guide in.

Speaking of so, I just finished that and included it at the end of the guide.

It's good to hear you like the build!
same name in-game
Just a little update with my current character. For a few days I was buying Cloaks of Defiance non-stop, getting them to 6 sockets if they weren't already, and spamming Orbs of Fusing until I got 5/6 linked sockets. I sold every 5L until I got a 6L, and finally got it the other day after 37 5Ls and 3 no links (which are as rare as 6Ls). So I profited 30ex+ and was able to buy some really great items because of it, and am trying to complete my character's gear as I level up.

So far this is what I'm wearing with my level 74 character:


The helm, Ruby Ring, and belt are temporary. I'm trying to acquire some really GG stuff to replace them. Ideally I want another Diamond Ring, a belt with increased flask duration, and a helmet with top tier life, chaos resistance, lightning resistance, and fire/cold resistance.

You can see I'm not using an Amethyst Flask. Instead I have a Quicksilver Flask with the same modifiers. This is because with gear I have 9% chaos resistance, which has been awesome. The movement speed boost for such a long duration is really great.

I'm also now using Reduced Duration instead of Faster Casting with Lightning Warp. It's much faster because Lightning Warp's quality gives 30% cast speed, which is great.

It's also worth noting that the +5 Mana Gained on Kill from my gloves is really quite nice. When clearing trash I almost never have to actually use the Hallowed Hybrid Flask, though I always do in intervals against rare enemies just in case of Corrupting Blood.

Overall, I plan on trying to perfect the build because it's probably the best combination of offense and defense I've played thus far. I'm really enjoying being able to wreck pretty much anything.
same name in-game