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Blizzard is better at everything even if their games are horrible now
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Nice, imrpovements for fanboys, meanwhile servers ripped for the 4th time in 24hours

Everything is fine, absolutely fine. Don't complain please, because "it could be even worst" or because "thats not our fault, this is how internet works" :D.
And please fanboys quote my messages again to tell me i am just a QQer please, its not like there are millions of links i could post with ignored issues for almost 2 years, everything is absolutely fine here.

Hello there Negative Nancy. We have one precious lesson to learn here!

We all know that GGG has problems with servers. Nobody is saying that they do not exist. But this is thread about Currency Stash Tabs Improvements. So we talk about that here. Lets make a list:

- Currency Stash Tabs Improvements
- Server stability issues and lags

Now, its test time! Which one of these are we talking about here?

Click on the Spoiler Tag, when you have the right answer!

Nope, not server stability! Try again!

Yeah! You're heard me! We're keeping the feedback where in belongs, and don't go Full-Retard-Negative on threads that aren't about stuff we're talking about!

Hope it helps!

-it's a windows problem
-you need a better computer
-it's your isp
-every game has that problem
-you need a ssd
-it's too difficult to implement and fix
-every game has that problem
-did i mention it's a windows problem?

Did I miss anything? Out of the few dozen games I have, this game is the only one that has these problems but you can rationalize however you want.
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whoa, your schizophrenia is showing