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I really enjoy making different builds and then playing them. This game...all i seem to do is try to make builds then lose interest.


Make map bosses have a higher drop chance for uniques/loot
make maps a bit more accessible
make them more difficult(a lot)

Let high lvl uniques drop everywhere but at a reallylow chance

thanks, cya later

Amarena wrote:
Completed 1 ChallengeSL4Y3R wrote:
All online games have sync issues. They all release with desync.

I don't remember getting synched back right in the hands of baal, diablo or mepho.

Yeah...this is the only game in existence with desync. I never truly knew what desync was until i went to college and then played this game many years later. Sl4yer, don't spread lies man...there is a distinct difference between latency and desync.

BTW, it didn't exist in D2.