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Why is it that there hasn't been any option on customizing how heavy different particles affect the game then.

Because the game makes money on particles. When you see your friends new stormcall micro, you're more likely to buy one.
If anyone is looking for a one of a kind divination card submission my suggestion is -

Six link Bronn's Lithe with corrupted +1 gems and 4 Blue-2 Red sockets. This would be extremely rare reflected in the rarity of getting such an item. It would make a +3 chest for a lightning warp build. Assuming gems of LW-Light pen-Inc Aoe-FasterCast-Empower-Less Durration. Essentially allowing dual wielding of wands and a level 28 lightning warp.
Dan_GGG wrote:
I definitely worded that badly.

It doesn't matter. You aren't under oath, no one is going to persecute you for miswording a simple statement. The important thing is that you're here and you're participating in the conversation people are having. That matters.

Agreed, people take this shit way to seriously. Let the devs comment wherever they choose and don't take anything too seriously.