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Really disappointed they just made it "top 35 gets beta key", this puts very little incentive to play unless you are willing to spend 12 hours a day for 5 days, especially when there are some people who are so good at racing out there; they will get the keys and people like me that can stay top 100 maybe (with time) is frankly only in it for the fun.

I would have liked at least SOME raffle, like get points from reaching specific levels/positions in ladder etc, just to get some incentive to play other than the fun game alone.

You're in a raffle every 5 minutes on the front page.. This is an event of endurance to increase the chances a little.
Gary_GGG wrote:

You'll need to manually equip and unequip microtransactions to organise them currently.

Except for ones that can't be moved. Such as dances and whatnot.. =\
Completed 7 ChallengesFreeMark wrote:

Does this still count? :)

I'd keep that. That's a collector's item these days.

Haha yeah, I'm holding on to it. I used to love leveling with these back in the day.