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Qarl wrote:
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I've got to agree that this is pretty underhanded, there's no way it deserves 80% less effectiveness when it's very well thought out and diverse.

I'd say that a nerf of 50% would've been well acceptable, but 80%? It's pretty much useless now.

Nice job.

You are so wrong. It is probably still over powered. It does need to be addressed fast before too many people respec to this genuinely over performing damage skill.

Better just play flameblast if you want to carry 6 man 78s.
More dc's fpor the people

even more dcs, HYPE

even more.

we just won a match and the timer kept counting down..
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50% of the time it took 20sec to load the match just to see either of the teams was 1 or 2 people only. Nice even, 10/10 would not play again

Same for us. Something's fucky today.

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