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basmith7 wrote:
You should mention a cwdt + enduring cry + immortal call setup as well.

Enduring cry is a war cry now instead of a spell so it cannot be supported by cwdt. If you feel you need to use both then you will have to self cast them.
Thank you for updating the tree. There is only one thing that I would add is that if we need to have more defense. Then we will have to self cast Enduring Cry/Immortal call. So now that means that the setup would be Enduring Cry/Immortal Call/Increased Duration. I am wondering how well would that work as far as defense goes? Or are you saying that with the changes to the tree that we don't need that extra defense from self casting Enduring Cry/Immortal Call?
The biggest part of difficulty to new players is the passive skill tree. Sure it is easier for vets of arpgs. But still you have to actually think about what you are doing. Further for some paths their might be more than one way of getting the job done.

But the biggest curve and the part with the most depth is the end game where maps come into play. Here if you want to truly min/max your character to get the most damage and survivability possible. That could take even more planning than just planning a straight up build that chews through stuff.