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Even though I have been playing this game on and off since open beta I have not done any trading at all. Now that I have my first character that is able to clear maps even though my gear is crap compared to what I want for my character. I know that the fastest way of getting that gear is to trade for it. But in order to be able to do that I know that I will need to get more Chaos Orbs. One way is to sell items, now I understand how to look things up on poe trade as far as buying goes. But I need help in selling items I will post three uniques that I feel might sell for at least 2 or more chaos per item. Also I have included a fourth item that I have no clue if it sells for chaos or not because that amulet I have seen on poe trade for buyout prices of fusing, chaos, along with a few other orbs that I can't remember so that confuses me as far the amulet's true worth.

First up are Aurseize that is near perfect so it might actually be higher than 2 chaos.

Next up is the increased item rarity two handed axe Reaper's Pursuit

Third a shield called Prism Guardian

The final item is an amulet called Ungil's Harmony

Not only do I need to find out what these items are worth if anything. Also I need to know what is the best way of selling them.
Thank you LukeFerreira for your response I will use your guideline along with what I see in the OP's gear in order to piece together a rough outline as far as how much of any of the important stats that I will need in order to see the build at it's full potential.

Now all I need to do is find a good guide on how to be able to sell some of the uniques that I have found. I have one unique that I would love to sell even though it is not for this build. It is a near perfectly rolled Aurseize, and a shield both of which I show below.

If I can get a few chaos for each one then that would go a long way in helping me get enough chaos for the gear that I need in trade. But I have no clue as to how to advertise my gear in a way that is best for everyone. Both me and those that would be interested.

If there are any really good guides on trading please clue me in on where they are.
I have been having fun with this build. But atm I am having trouble finding gear and would like to try trading for gear but need some help. I am currently level 70 and I will post both build and gear along with flasks to make sure that I get all of the aid that I need to be able to see the full potential of this build.

Right now even though my gear is crap I am still able to do level 66 magic maps as long as I don't get any crazy mods that I know would kill me in an instant. The only map that I haven't completed yet is the Dungeon map due to the boss being tough due to high damage and my inability to use both AA and the Cast When Damage Taken setup due to my gear. That is primarily where I need the most help.

I have all of the skill gems needed for this build. I either got them from quests or found them in drops and I know that will save me some currency right there. So some here would say that I have been lucky as far as that goes. I even have the Cast When Damage Taken setup leveled where it is needed as far as CWDT (9), EC (10), IC (9).

Now here is my current build.

Here I am trying to go for the extra mana regen from shaper.

Now here is my gear, yes I know that I need to upgrade it, with flasks.

Since I am still new to trading I need help on how to use the to be able to get the gear that I really need in order to be able to have all of the resists that I need. Along with getting all of the energy shield that I need to be able to run AA and have what is needed to be able to use the CWDT setup.

How do I go about doing just that? How can I get better gear in trade that would help me see the full potential of this build? I know that this build is great but I am only able to see a small percentage of it's full potential? How would you go about upgrading the gear? Which piece would be first and what would you look for if you were going the route of getting it in trade? I need basic information, because with enough basic information I can get the job done.

I included flasks to be certain that I have decent flasks. Although I am not sure about that either. Any suggestions that would be of assistance in getting the gear in trade using the website would be appreciated.