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Thank you for making this build. The last build that I was using was the carpet bomber witch and it was fun. In fact that build was the first build that I took all the way to end game mapping. Now that build appears to be dead as of patch 2.0. I do have some ideas that I want to try out myself to see if I can bring it back to life with a few adjustments to the build. If it is possible and I actually accomplish it before someone else does then I will need help in making a guide for it since I am not good at making build guides for this game.

If I do accomplish I will post the skill tree that I am using along with my gear and some explanation about the build as best as I can do. Hopefully that will be enough information that will allow others like you to see what I have done and why it would work, that is if I can make it work.

I have a level 34 witch using this build and I can see there is some flexibility in the build as it is right now. I have decided to take quick recovery earlier than listed, along with a few extra nodes that I will spec out of later to handle mana issues. Otherwise it is a great build that I am having fun with.
basmith7 wrote:
You should mention a cwdt + enduring cry + immortal call setup as well.

Enduring cry is a war cry now instead of a spell so it cannot be supported by cwdt. If you feel you need to use both then you will have to self cast them.
Thank you for updating the tree. There is only one thing that I would add is that if we need to have more defense. Then we will have to self cast Enduring Cry/Immortal call. So now that means that the setup would be Enduring Cry/Immortal Call/Increased Duration. I am wondering how well would that work as far as defense goes? Or are you saying that with the changes to the tree that we don't need that extra defense from self casting Enduring Cry/Immortal Call?