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The biggest part of difficulty to new players is the passive skill tree. Sure it is easier for vets of arpgs. But still you have to actually think about what you are doing. Further for some paths their might be more than one way of getting the job done.

But the biggest curve and the part with the most depth is the end game where maps come into play. Here if you want to truly min/max your character to get the most damage and survivability possible. That could take even more planning than just planning a straight up build that chews through stuff.
You definitly dont need Blood Magic!
The Putinus Prime Guide has some useful tips aswell.

There are no doubt many different variations of the OP's build. But this one is for beginners of this game. It is good because it allows you to play the game without micromanaging a lot of things like mana, accuracy, and even resistances early on.

Later on players see the importance for resistances and the need of having them capped they will in time get the gear so they can spec out of those resistance nods. Also his guide doesn't cover using almost all of the points the game gives us. Because very few players will reach those higher levels. Doubt me just check the Bloodlines and Torment league and you will see what I mean. Very few players reach the high nineties in the non ladder leagues like the permanent league standard or the hardcore non ladder.

Also his guide is newbie friendly because he explains everything in his guide. That guide you talked about only gives a little explanation compared to this guide.

It is not about having the highest dps that is possible in the game. It is not about having a build that can steamroll every piece of content in the game. It is just a guide that helps new players learn the ropes of this game and maybe even learn the ropes of marauders if they are just new to the class.

Over the hundreds of pages of this guide I have seen how other players have made changes to the build to make it their own. Optimizing for what they want it to accomplish.
Noodlez wrote:
I am lvl 67 so far. But now I run into some mana problems.

My Gear (I know it's bad, but this my first (real) char):

Passive skill tree build

AR: 16
Discipline: 17
PoF: 16
Clarity: 16
Reduced Mana: 16

Mana: 2835
Reserved: 2117
Left: 718


I could level clarity up to 17 but I am a little scared that I will run just into more mana problems.

What should I do?

I really can't say much but I can let you see my current gear that I am using as a level 78 doing maps. This might give you some idea as to what changes you need to make in your gear.

With this gear my mana regen is 284. According to the OP that means that I would be able to handle a level 22 Arctic Armor IIRC. Sorry I couldn't give you more assistance than that. The one thing that I am bad at in this game is seeing the weakest link in a person's gear and telling them which piece to upgrade first. I hope this helps you out even if it is just a little bit of help.