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I've been making this build. After doing some thinking I found out it's better to drop the life wheel (52% + 20hp) and go for the life nodes above the templar (64%) Unless you would rather have 52% + 20hp but I think the 64% is better.

Mind telling me where you see a wheel that will give you 64% life that is above the templar. I have looked and all I see is a wheel that gives 32% life + 20 strength along with a boost to your skills that buff your character.

Now if you are saying to add it with the other smaller life wheel plus chaos reist I can see why they do not do this. Because it would take three extra points to do it. Compared to what is in the guide. At least that is the way I look at it if you are talking about the four node life wheel above the templar that has the holy strength node and the other life wheel with purity of flesh node. Doing that would take 12pts as compared to the Scion's life wheel with the 20hp which is 9pts.

Now I could be missing something so please by all means point it out to me if I am.
I like Scions and I would like to find a good guide that is good for beginners. A guide that would be good for one of the following build types.

Spectral Throw
Ethereal Knives
Summon Raging Spirit

The last one I have tried it with a witch but I think it might even be cool to use as a scion.
kompaniet wrote:
I just noticed something else that is strange about this build. Before the big buff to zombies you had to use another spell to back them up until they were tough enough to handle the killing of the mobs. It took a long while before you switched from using something like spectral throw to backing them up with curses. This causes another question.

Does the buff to zombies mean that you no longer need a skill like a spell or melee active skill to use to back them up until they are tanky enough to handle the mobs like before the buff?

What "buff" are you referring to? There has not been any update or patch for minions for ages.

Sorry but I need to explain a little more about what I am talking about. I will copy and paste an old post that I put up on November 27, 2013. That was the last time I tried this build, but I have decided to return to it. I do like summoner types, but back then it was hard to level as a summoner. I will also copy and paste the reply that I got on the same day. Both my post and the replay are on page 100 of this guide.

My post asking for help.

I have been using this guide and like it but need some help. what I want to know is what skill gems are the best back up skill gems to use before your minions are strong enough to hold their own? The reason why I ask this is because I am having trouble with general gravicius I only have firestorm as an attack and cannot win. I am still basically new to the game and to the class so a little help is appreciated.

Now the reply that I got on the same page.

Summons are really bad early on, they die really fast and don't really very hard. I personally prefer leveling up doing something else than summoning (such as Spectral Throw, as it can carry you easily pretty far without any passives invested on it).

But I think you may be able to beat him if you have Minion Stability. Get a Spell Totem gem and link it with Skeletons and Minion Life (your wand has the sockets for that). He will probably kill the totem often, but just resummon it.

This was when players where using Spectral Throw, Fireball, etc... along with using the passive Minion Instability having them as bombs until they were strong enough to survive and do enough damage. I know that was a long time ago and I am sorry but I have forgotten when the last buff to summons was done.

You see it was a time when this guide even said to use Minion Instability along with using another skill to level up until the time was when you spec'ed out of Minion Instability and used primarily curses to handle the mobs. Also IIRC that build also used Hex Master and Whispers of Doom along with one other unique that gives you one extra curse. It might've been the boots. Sorry but I cannot remember any more than that.

Now if you are saying that the minions have been buffed to the point where you do not need to do the above anymore like I am thinking. Then I can just use the guide as it is and probably use Arc+EP+Curse on Hit+vulnerability for the attack. Then Arctic Armor+Empower as the guide says that I can do.
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