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I have seen videos of people using C1 builds and they are strong builds. I have seen some guides on C1 some that are similar to life builds. One ranging from needed special uniques to make them work. To those that can function just fine with rares. The majority that I have seen say that you need some orbs of regret to spec out of life nodes in order to make the switch to C1.

1. What is the average amount of orbs of regret that is needed to switch to CI?
2. Are there any CI builds that don't need to use any orbs of regret at all? They only need the passive refund points that the game gives you.
3. Are there any beginner friendly CI builds?
4. How do I find the beginner friendly CI guides if they do exist?

The reason I didn't post this in any class forums is because I know that at least four classes can use CI without having to spend a ton of points getting it. They are as follows; Templar, Witch, Shadow and Scion. The other three are too far away IMO to be able to use CI. They along with the Scion would be better using Blood Magic passive. I did include Scion as one that could use either because she sits in the middle of the tree.
Completed 30 ChallengesPaperRat wrote:
It will stay normal difficulty. You can't change difficulty by sealing.

Thank you for your answer.
If I seal a prophecy that is marked for normal difficulty. Then let's say in cruel difficulty I decide to add it to my prophecy list. Will that sealed prophecy change to cruel difficulty or will it still be normal difficulty? Or to put the question in a different way to make sure you understand me.

Can sealing and unsealing change the difficulty level of a prophecy?