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SawLight wrote:
After playing D3 for a while, I've found out that the game is very limited in terms of what you can do, specially with pets, however I had some fun with Zuni+SMK for a while, time to move on, 2.1 didn't fix it, actually it made it worse for Zoo WD's.

Anyway, I saw some videos about how the pet class works in PoE, and it seems promising, at least it seems to have more depth and variety, or at least that's what I think.

I want to make a new pet class, this means, I want to watch my pets go wild and kill stuff, not me, my pets.

Also, since I will be playing with 200+ms of constant latency, I'd like to know if a pet class would "fix" this, with this I mean, that since pets are doing the damage and not me, I wont notice any delay between the swing of the punch and the damage/hit animation.

I've read somewhere that witch are the best class for pets, do you have any plans or guides of that?.


The best advice that I can give to you is to go to the Witch forums and ask for a good pet build. I have one thread bookmarked that I will supply a link to it.

It is called The Spectral Gods summoner and is updated for Forsaken Masters. My Brother likes that build although he is gonna try using Summon Raging Spirits instead of using Summon Spectre. But you might opt to go the route of using spectres because then the only thing you are doing IIRC is cursing and using any mobility skill to move around along with possibly reposition the group of minions. Below is the link to the thread that covers the build.
I was wondering if they didn't apply to level and only to currency then what change was made when Dominus was added in. Because IIRC they said that you would be able to get to level 100 just playing merciless difficulty. Sure it will be a lot slower than mapping but it is possible. That is why I figured that they had to do something like making it where the game sees you as level 68. So what was the change, that is unless they made a change before the patch was added so that everyone that wants to get to level cap you have to do mapping.
Outside of what everyone else is saying I would head to the witch forums and ask for some help. I did just that and got good advice that lead to me making the modified build that I plan to use when I get my fire witch to where I can map. Hopefully I will have the gear needed to be able to map safely. Also I hope that the build and the skill gems that I choose will be good enough to help me make my goal.

Before posting in the witch forums figure out what you want your build to be. Meaning plan out a general idea what you are looking for. When I went there for help with a fire witch. I knew that I wanted a build that would be able to dish out some good damage along with being able to take some punishment without being dropped by the mobs like a bad habit.

The help that I got gave me excellent advice because I had a good idea of what I wanted in a build to begin with. The rest is history and since the new expansion I decided to re-roll and remake the fire witch according to the new tree. I will make any tweaks as needed along the way. But I do not think that I will have to do that.