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Now before I get to asking my questions I need to give you some background information. I am the type of player that wants to make sure that I have enough stash space to play the game keeping what I need to keep. While being able to run maps as well. I also want enough stash to do some crafting if I need to craft gear. Here goes with the questions. Since there is really no central theme I choose to title my thread as it is above.

1. I only have 13 stash tabs (I bought 9 during a sale of non premium stash tabs). Is 13 tabs enough to be able to play the game and still be able to run maps or do I need more?

2. If I need more than how much more is needed?

3. What are the best vendor recipes to use?

4. Where can I find a good guide to crafting? Yes I am aware that it will not be updated to Ascendancy for a while but still one that is recent will help since they removed eternal orbs.

5. Where can I find a good guide that will tell me what to pick and and what is junk? I don't want junk in my personal stash if possible.
Are you talking about using the official skill tree at this website to plan out a Scion build? Because if you are then I am having the same problem. Which could mean it is a bug.
Like others will tell you that just because some players don't spend a lot of money on this game doesn't mean that they are just a waste of your time being around them. It is that big I little you attitude that drives people away from you.

I am fully aware that you think that everyone should spend hundreds of dollars on this game. For those that don't they just aren't worth your time.

But there is a big news flash for you. Some of the ones here that have been playing since day one are the ones that you won't spend any time with. Some of the uniques that are in the game came from others here. Some even designed the special cards that we use. So just because they don't spend the same amount of money on the game as you do and spend it the exact same way then that doesn't mean that they aren't worth your time.

Without all of the little people weren't here playing then you and the others like you wouldn't have a game to play.

Maybe there is something that you haven't learned yet. How little things add up quickly. So while others are buying other things other than premium stash tabs. Their amount of money goes towards the further development of this game.