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Thanks for all of the replies, just discussing this has given me a lot of good ideas on how to improve a build that I have been working on. It is my own version of a fireball carpet bomber witch. One that should have enough defensive strength coupled with enough offensive power to take care of just about anything that comes her way.

You see that build was originally made by someone else a long time ago. It was made when snap shooting still existed to the point where you could hit one target with all fireballs at once. Also EB was different, ES didn't just protect your mana it was added to your mana. Thus giving you a much higher mana recovery.
How does this affect players with computers that only have a Dual Core computer. A computer with 2 cores. My computer I got about 4 years ago. I wouldn't want to be using a feature that is really designed for more like a quad core computer. It might damage the cpu of the computer that I am using.
This game has changed so much and I just don't know how to properly make my own build. There are some questions that need to be answered. Some are for leveling and others are just general build questions. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy playing other people's builds.

But I would like to one day make a build of my own. A build that can handle endgame maps. Doesn't have to be able to handle the strongest maps in existence. Doesn't have to have the fastest clear speed. I also want a build that can be good using just rare items. Sure uniques will always make any build stronger. But ones that require a lot of uniques can get expensive and hard to find.

With the above information how do I go about making my own build? I don't think that any of the older guides on making your own build are still useful. Are there any good guides that teach you how to make your own build that are up to date? How do you go about having good offensive and defensive power? Here I am saying I love making a build that hits hard but will not fall over if the monsters sneeze at me. A build that can not only take a licking but can also deal out a good amount of damage in return.

Also when leveling how often should you be upgrading your gear? This is asking how long can you keep your gear? Is it every 10 levels, 15, etc..? Can vendors help you get good gear that can be crafted to help you level? Is blue gear during leveling just as good as rare gear? How much currency do you sink into leveling gear? Here I am asking what limits do most players put on crafting leveling gear?