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I want to know a little more about ascendancy concerning the Scion.

All other classes get three classes to choose from but she gets only one. Why does the Scion get only one class in ascendancy? What are the devs thoughts about why she get's only one class? Will this change before the expansion goes live?
Completed 16 ChallengesWoodcutta wrote:
Why are the ascendancy classes tied to specific types of character classes instead of being available to all characters? This feels way too much like D3. There is a difference between it being difficult to make the build you want with the character class you want and it being impossible. IMO, every character class should have access to the entire tree (sub tree included). This game was built on build diversity and being able to make the character you want whether or not it is optimal or sub-optimal. Tying, not only nodes but powerful nodes, to certain classes doesn't seem to fit with this way of thinking.

You might not mind that the classes in this game are basically a race instead of a class. All you have that is different between one class and another is the starting point on the skill tree. Big difference to you huh, that might be big enough for you. But it is not enough for the rest of the players and that is why GGG is doing something about it.
Completed 12 Challenges1453R wrote:
You can't differentiate the classes without...well, differentiating the classes.

A class that has its own identity and isn't just a phase-shifted start point on the grid is, by definition, not going to have the identity of another class.

GGG said players wanted class selection to matter more, so they're setting it up to matter more.

Besides. People seem to clear content just fine without Ascendancy classes as it is. You can still make offbeat builds on the regular passive tree, they'll just not (potentially) line up as well with the Asc. classes as a build based on the character's core identity would. And as mentioned, some of the revealed classes are pretty much just straight buffs for everything. Juggernaut on the Marauder is basically a giant ball of iron-plated passive toughness - I can't think of a build that couldn't use a giant ball of iron-plated passive toughness, which could also free up a lot of room on the tree for more offensive passives.

If everything else has a similar set-up, just take the defense option to stiffen up your offbeat build and go. And be glad you're not playing Scions. Poor Scions...

I agree poor Scions, all classes but her get three sub classes to choose from. She only has one sub class. I would love for GGG to add two more sub classes for her. That is unless she has the ability to choose a sub class from another class since she sits in the center of the tree. I highly doubt that they will do such a thing.