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andkamen wrote:
petden wrote:
Stop exploiting.

id say that falls under creative use of in game mechanics Kappa

I bet you said that about snapshotting too.
“Disintegration - I'm taking it in stride.”
Missed it due to inactivity, no money at the time or didn't know about the game?

Too bad, they don't want that extra money now.

People need to use the packs to feel special which is more important.

Haven't seen a kiwi all league, that's how much people care.

News flash: You dont buy a supporter pack for any of the perks that come with it, you do it because you want to donate. You know, giving money away, no strings attached.
“Disintegration - I'm taking it in stride.”
Its a damn game not a fucking stock market so what are people even talking about when they mention "the market"?
“Disintegration - I'm taking it in stride.”