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You'd be far better off starting in Bloodlines.
"Danger is like jello, there's always room for more."
Shival wrote:

Stop playing tabula lameblast.

If I ever use it, I'll be sure to let you know. You also don't start with a Tabula Rasa on new leagues.

Trust me, gear barely matters before the end of Merciless no matter what you play and I definitely play enough builds to know that. Make sure you have a good weapon(if you use attacks) and a few resists, fairly easy to get and doesn't really mean anything prior to that. The game just isn't hard enough.

I think it is odd that you fixated on that of all things. I am pushing for a more interesting leveling experience.
"Danger is like jello, there's always room for more."
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Completed 1 Challengemorbo wrote:
Read the latest Q&A. This "everything goes" looting system aint gonna change. It's easy to create (just shove in more RNG) and to maintain. As GGG is concerned, trading / economy provides all the functionality that looting fails to.

The Q and A is not all inclusive. I know things that aren't in there, for example.

This is what I'm implicitly asking. Should I make this my next crusade? Current is infinite minion spawn by bosses, with some Elehit Equilibrium thrown in.

Those gloves would not exist in any other ARPG. They would not exist in any other RPG I know of. Even Dungeons and Dragons has always had difficulty appropriate loot. If you kill a venerable dragon, you're not going to find a scroll of light.

I genuinely want to believe this will be addressed in an overall reduction of loot drop spam. Quality over quantity, GGG. You guys should appreciate that one.

Yes please.
"Danger is like jello, there's always room for more."