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Hi all,

Yes, my characters are first level. that's because I handed my guild off to the last remaining guildy, gave away almost 40 tabs of inventory, deleted all my 85+ level characters (of which there were many) and left all of my several MTXs to sit and collect dust.

I know this topic has been discussed before and I am familiar with the arguments against such a suggestion. I agree that the online code should not be available for people to see for fear of hacks and exploits being created for the online version. I've spoken with Chris Wilson briefly about this suggestion and thought I'd post it here for all to see.

I am suggesting that a different version of Path of Exile be created for those who want the offline/LAN and moddable version of the game so that the devs need not worry about anyone exploiting the servers due to the online code being exposed. Since the buyable version of the game will have different code than the online version, the online version will be safe (at least as much as it is now) from hacks and exploits.

The petition is below, sign if you'd be happy to buy a copy of this game to mod and play with your Steam friends.

I will not be monitoring this post, feel free to discuss all you like but I will not likely reply as I do not normally log in. I made an exception to share this petition with you.

GGG, this is an excellent game and I'd really love to keep playing. I'm hoping this petition will show you that even the players who have left the game would still love to play and to support your efforts by purchasing a copy of this absolutely brilliant game.

Thanks for listening guys and gals :D,
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Even on Vaal Cyclone huh? That seems like a useless skill then.
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It could be Stun or just being hit but sometimes after I've started Vaal Cyclone it stops after half a second when I get hit by a monster. I don't think it's supposed to stop before the time runs out on it or fail simply because I get hit or stunned.