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feyith wrote:

I'm sorry. I know I've been bitchy lately, but a few of us are concerned that the more life and re-balancing just means everyone needs to spend more points and craft just to achieve the same relative stats vs. power creep. Can you tell us anything about the re-balance?

Yeah, I'm curious about the re-balance myself. I am really excited about the life on level thing though.

Also, some people are complaining that crafting will "be way [too] easy". Well, if you're the kind of player that has 200ex and 50eta then crafting must be fun but for those of us who have no currency and no uber legacy items to trade away, right now crafting is not even possible the fullest extent. I think it's great that you guys are making crafting available to all players instead of just the rich and elite.
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scudmuffin wrote:
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scudmuffin wrote:
lmao at all the straight boys worried that seeing a dude on their health globe will turn them gay
how about the gay men and straight women playing this game, shouldn't they get some eye candy?

I know a few gay men and straight women gamers... none of them are opposed to female nudity in games, and none of them would be choose wrinkly old man asses supporting their mana globes over the slave girls. Fact.

I'd strongly support having a topless, herculean dude supporting the life orb on his back/shoulders/arms though, for symbolic reasons.

I'm glad your gay and female "friends" speak for all gay and female gamers

Lol, you derived that from the statement..way to go off-topic and make assumptions.

Anyway GGG, please put the UI back the way it was. Thanks.
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Why? Oh dear god why? Dumping all my useful little buttons into a popup menu container...what's the point? Was that done to make room for the giant "SHOP HERE AND GIVE US MONEY" button or for the tired, ugly, gross, old guys who are taking the place of the cute chained-up slave girls? What, did the girls need a vacation or something? Looks like someone dropped the ball on hiring good stand-ins.

Terrible, all around. I'm usually a little more tactful but I just thought I'd adjust the level of my tact to align with that of the new visuals in the UI.
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