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TheWretch wrote:
I'm ready for the drama about forum rules and beta to be over :p

I think the forum changes were severe changes as well. The beta is one thing and the forums was just as serious. Add them together and its a little weird, like the abyss.
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
I'm scratching my head too..
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
These last few weeks have felt like they Abyss League. One month challenge leagues here and there sprinkled with one week challenges are fun but get a bit boring, especially when the community is fractured between live and beta. It has been WEEKS since I visited and had a character get to level 80+.

There's a void that I need filled. The divination card submission process if fun, but I'm still waiting for it to be accepted so it feels as if the whole process of beta, live, card submissions are taking an eternity.

I just want to come home and play a little non beta 2.0 live PoE after putting my daughter to bed. I just want to bash some skulls is as I sip red wine. Is this too much to ask??? I just want to enjoy life before climate change becomes a serious issue for me, before Oculus Rift / Vive comes out.

Can I live? - Jay Z
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!