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GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
Am I the only one that enjoys this fight? When I played HC exclusively, there is NO way I'd want to risk playing her. Now that I'm playing Rampage, I don't see the point in skipping her. I actually enjoy playing the new content and like the new game mechanics.

The main issue I see here are people playing in HC and SC players who are high levels, i.e. lvl 90. If you want to fight her, I'd suggest wearing uniques that aid against cold damage and/or using cold flasks to help beat her.

The game is meant to be a challenge, and I am happy with the challenge.
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
Considering that Puncture is a single target skill versus AOE, it is nice to have such a skill that is actually powerful. Single target skills/ setups are piss poor to begin with, so lets not complain when there's something that actually works...

I remember when puncture was god awful... and in many ways it still is when considering party play.
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!