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GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
VictorDoom wrote:
After getting 90 in invasion it kinda of wore off for me, been playing HC and SC both for a long time, but HC is just.. neverchanging, after playing it for so long and after so many resets and passive tree changes its still just the same thing.. Build tanky, dont die, always pay attention, max out your defenses and try to get some decent dps.

Invasion was the most fun i had in HC, but i think im gonna stick to SC from now on, gave all my hc stuff to a friend and killed the level 90 witch, im done with it, getting 90 there was incredibly boring and the desync is just horrible, the only fun part was the possibilty of getting 1 shot by invaders.

In similar fashion, I leveled a character to level 91 in invasion. In the early part of that league, it was quite frustrating but over time became enjoyable as I found cool people to play with and appreciated their builds. As I approached higher levels and from level 80 to 91, it became quite apparent that I was playing in a ghost town. That annoyed me a lot.

Now, as of today, I chose to play in the new Rampage league for a few reasons. The first reason is that as a new father, I simply do not have the time to go through the early cycle of build-rip-build. My time is precious. The second reason is that I've accomplished a lot in prior HC leagues that I really have nothing to prove. I know what it takes to make an HC build survive to level 80 and higher:

1. Avoid added content; i.e. master quests, corrupted areas, atziri
2. Avoid early game content where possible; i.e. pay for your hard kills, like vaal.
3. Safety in numbers.
4. Stack defensive properties; i.e. lots of life, arctic armor, etc.

In Rampage, it feels like a totally different playing experience. The early/mid economies are different and people are a little more brash so to speak. What I do like is that at higher levels:

1. The 10% xp penalty is real. You can only play high DPS builds for so long that negate any survivability.

Overall, I am finding Rampage to be a lot of fun. I don't have to worry about losing progression and I have more time to enjoy with my kid. The only negative is that I see myself losing interest at a much early period in the season.
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
Silk, Elreon, and Vorici walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "what will you three lads have?"

Silk: I'll have a martini on the rocks, thank you.

Elreon: I'll have a screw driver, and make it snappy.

Vorici: I'll have a bloody Zana...

Bartender: What is a bloody Zana sir?

Vorici: I meant to say, blood Mary...

GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!