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Hi Oos, just wanted to say thanks for making this guide, been using your build for a while and I'm having a blast.

Recently I got my hands on a 6L Shav's, so i'm wondering is there a low life version of your build?haha

Thanks in advance! :D
~b/o 5 alt
~b/o 7 alt
~b/o 1 fuse
~b/o 2 fuse
~b/o 1 alch
~b/o 2 alch
~b/o 4 alch
~b/o 1 chaos
~b/o 2 chaos
~b/o 3 chaos
~b/o 4 chaos
~b/o 5 chaos
~b/o 15 chaos
~b/o 1 exa
~b/o 6 exa
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Been running your build on Talisman HC pretty well, currently level 75 and having a blast.

Did a few modifications to suit my needs but the core build still remains in place.

Not so sure, what to buy next, been looking for some cheap 5L, good wand or maybe a Call of the Brotherhood (since one of my rings sucks major balls, but I need that dex so badly lol). Would love some advice! :D

Here's my current gear:


Ditched the Warlords Mark for a Poacher's Mark and I've been keeping End. Charges with Enduring Cry since I found it more reliable for HC. And gotta say I love Storm Prison, it helps a lot with leveling.

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