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Completed 2 Challengeselwindakos wrote:
Damn where are the lady hp/mana holders?

No one wants ugly men zeus as mana and aphrodites back as hp,bring the chained womens back please,no offence XD

They looked better than this.

Also,i understand more things will get added in future so something like that arrow maybe was nessasary,but i dont quite like the design of it

The potions Gone back to D2 era :).But it feels solid in this color.

$ made into shop was quite good,but it is too color-y for the whole UI.

All personal opinons though,i may still like this in future,just cant hit me as good right now,exept the UI color and potion part.

Also that shadow-like guy near maramoa 2/2 right now on teasers XD

---- Slave Girls Or Riot ! ----


Also, I rather have "$" instead of "shop" for the store.
Invasion Shop - /forum/view-thread/896415forum/view-thread/896415
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Invasion Shop - /forum/view-thread/896415forum/view-thread/896415
Invasion Shop - /forum/view-thread/896415forum/view-thread/896415