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Completed 8 ChallengesSerleth wrote:
There's a very key point that everyone in this thread moaning on about pay-to-play etc. is missing.

Absolutely nobody knew that the T1 supporters would be getting keys for their contributions.

Not even the T1 supporters.

This has nothing to do with a P2W advantage, and everything to do with GGG giving a nod of appreciation back to the people who put half a month's salary toward making Act 4 even possible.

Without the T1 contributors, particularly early on in this game's existance, do you think PoE would even still be around? Highly unlikely.

AFAIC, give them keys. I get to continue to enjoy this game because wealthier folk than I could care less about throwing $1,000 across the world. They deserve a little something in return for keeping Wraeclast alive.

Felt like I just stepped into a salt mine...
I knew you wouldn't disappoint me. I'll see you tomorrow beta :D