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h3rp3s wrote:
Open PvP please. It's all we want.

A permanent CutThroat league is what we want .

Perhaps you could do a specific passive tree "Above" ( in 3 dimensions )
with connections ( Y axe ) to the old one .

Floor 1 : PVE
Floor 2 : PVP

It could be fun !
and we wont get any nerf in PVE .

bad idea ?

Last edited by Azdrubal on December 9, 2013 2:01 PM
Lots of people are still waiting for some more simple PVP .
Like it was in D2 .

Probably a specific "Cutthethroat" league

It was in the beta specs , wasn't it ?

Thanx for your wonderfull job .
Its fun .

hi dude
thanx for your answer .

Re join each time we log is not a real issue actually .
But we need to have a name and probably a list of available channel .

You talk about IRC
Just think of IRC without these fonction ;)

Perhaps the siplest workaround would be to create some default channel


hope to read you soon