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Thas pretty neat.
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IGN: Aux
Group PvP events require some sort of reconnection feature for people who crash or disconnect during a group event. It doesn't matter how well your team is doing, if someone happens to crash or disconnect, you automatically lose the game (and more than likely your shot at a Talisman if you are playing on hardcore where only ~4 teams usually queue).

Starcraft does this by pausing the game and giving the disconnected player a certain amount of time to reconnect, then resumes after a short countdown.

Path of Exile can already be paused--it happens at the end of every race. Why can't something like this be implemented for PvP?

I just had a bad experience losing a chance at a Talisman due to a teammate disconnecting and it has pretty much destroyed all my motivation to PvP anymore.

Knowing you are at the mercy of automatically losing because of internet / game hiccup is forcing me to not want to "waste" time on PvP anymore. I'm probably done with it until this feature is inevitably added.
IGN: Aux
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