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The concept art looks badass. However with the current graphic capabilities of the game engine, they will probably not look as awesome in game. Are you guys going to up the polygon count or something anytime soon? Cuz I have a very decent PC. And I love the art style direction this game is going. But I wish I could enjoy it in HD basically. Anyways, keep up the awesome work guys. You have officially filled the void that used to be called Diablo. :)
I used to play Diablo 3, then I realized it doesn't have a Shabby Jerkin.
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Just as title says. Feel free to add me as friend and PM me in game or through website. Been here since end of closed beta and love seeing this gem of a game grow. So if you got questions I will do my best to help you progress and enjoy the game more.

Welcome to Wraeclast! May your eventual death be a swift one :).
I used to play Diablo 3, then I realized it doesn't have a Shabby Jerkin.
mvm199 wrote:
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Could just be a typo as a result of 20+ hours spent writing those notes when he's already sleep-deprived from trying to get everything else ready?
Purity is a pretty insane aura, Some people run it JUST for the +max resists & they dont even care much about how it actually provides resists, thats how OP it is =P

yeah now no one will use it! just aint worth 60 FRIGGIN percent of mana

these clowns have no idea how to balance a single thing in the game, they should leave it up to the players

i am so mad i waited this long for this stinkpile of a release, saying all will be fine at end of beta. but i sure as hell know it isnt. nerfed items, legacy items, aura costs to high hell ... hahahaha[/quote]

Leave it up to the players to balance the game????? hahahahah don't make me die from laughter. If players balanced the game and it was only them. Then stuff would be more out of wack between all the different levels of players. Plus what each player thinks is best is very different.

Play the game first then give feedback. If BloodMagic truly is stronger than its ever been. Then they know what the hell they are doing.
I used to play Diablo 3, then I realized it doesn't have a Shabby Jerkin.