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Question above,

because im note sure cause in Iron Grip it sounds: "...applies to Projetile Attacks.." and Ethernal Knives is Porjectile/Spell ?

Does any1 know? Ty
+ spell dmg
+ projectile dmg
+ physical dmg on non weapon gear
+ elemental dmg if u use hatred, added fire dmg etc. (added fire dmg + hatred awesome combo for ek!)
+ cast speed
+ spellcrit/multiplier ; +global crit

ek - fork/chain, faster projectiles, added fire, faster casting, mana leech/life leech -things like that are awesome on it.
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i did my first Group Play now (just grind Fellshrine) around lvl 44. Well, im a duelist and i just was like WTF.

I didnt see ANYTHING, whole map was full of spark´s and minions, that was epic shit ^^ will it be like that even in lategame?

So, I dont know why people group up so much, all what i do now is group with 1-2 close buddys, but thats it lol ^^

do u guys like group play ?