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So PoE is obviously an incredibly complex game when it comes to builds. I've been gone for many months now and a lot has changed. The biggest problem I have with coming back to PoE is finding a build I want to try out.

I have no idea what skills are good anymore, what the new skills do, ect. I stopped playing before the Vaal gems were released, to give you an idea of where my knowledge ends.

So I'm here looking either for suggestions or for links to good material detailing some good builds or something. I ONLY PLAY hardcore, so please no glass cannon SC builds.

In the past I always played a dual totem sporker before they were nerfed into the ground. That sort of fits my playstyle. I like summoners, casters or melee. No bow users plx.

Obviously it would be good if this is a low-cost build, since its likely what I'll be rerolling in the new leagues or with very little available currency in the current HC league.
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