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Too much RNG and access to new content means to farm normal zones for hour instead of maps which is very boring.
giving a try to ROS, will see if i am more attracted to the 2.0 loot system.
I will regret for sure the build diversity and the potion system of this game but I ve no more pleasure to play poe atm.
third try 16612 :(
rrtson wrote:

That's the problem with crafting in PoE. It isn't crafting. It's straight up gambling, and the odds are against you. There's no way to guarantee you'll get anything in a given amount of currency invested. In 99% of the cases, you're better off financially just buying the item you want from someone else.

Sure, you could get a 5L on the second fuse, but over time, if you keep attempting to 5L items, you will average out to the established probabilities. Numbers don't lie. Case in point: I got my first 6L in about 180 fusings about a year ago. I couldn't understand why so many people were crying about horrible fusing chances -- that's until I attempted my second 6L which ended up taking 2167 fusings. My entire bank, gone. After awhile, I attempted a third 6L and got it around 1800 fusings. From then on, I only buy 6Ls. Never again will I craft my own.

You resumed exactly the point. I see only 2 reasons about that "game design" choice:

1. incompetence

2. make people addict (same patterns as in casino...)