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Because simply IIQ and IIR works only on the kill hit. and IAE works with the whole spell/attack thats why the ingite don't work before and still don't works.

And the patch notes clearly only talk about RF and not about everything else. So why everybody asume that it works with DoT dmg? where is it stated from GGG? or do you have some other patch notes which you read?

Fixed a bug where Righteous Fire was not correctly supported by the Item Quantity or Item Rarity support gems
Vipermagi wrote:
6tom6 wrote:
That don't confirms fire trap, because its burn effect is secondary[..]

The Burning Ground effect is a primary function of Fire Trap just as much as the explosion is. Skills don't have a primary and secondary function in Path of Exile; Secondary only ever refers to a base Damage Type.

Yes Burning ground is primary, but we are talking about the ignition of the fire dmg dealt by fire trap and that ignition is not link with IIR and IIQ. Please stay on topic.

And every Fire, Ice and Lighning skill has a secondary effect. Its called Ignite, Freeze and Shocked.
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Maybe someone from GGG can respond and clear this up instead of people guessing or having to do tons of tests to cancel out RNG.

This would be very satisfying :)