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It's simple:

If you believe in map god, they will drop!

Honor your map god and all will be good.
I usually like rolling maps until there have some special pre- or suffixes (at least 2 of them) like:

- more packsize
- more rares
- 2 exiles
- 2 bosses
- or iqq over 100%

With the chaos and chisel receipt I rarely run out of currencies. And maps (that is just my luck) I get every day more then i use. somethimes i cube all my 74 and 75 maps to higher ones.

But what is really important for me:

- Always put 4 chisels on 74+ maps
- Run them at least with 2-3 friends together

The rest is up to you.

PS.: vaal orb every 78 map, with a little luck you will get the 79 map :) Maybe its luck but I get them about every 30-40 maps vaaled.
I think we have all a good reason for playing PoE and not D3. Let this Ideas go wide away!