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I thinking of:

raining projectile

effect: converts a projectile skill to fall from heaven multiple time.
effectivnes: 25%
mana-cost multi: 140%

a support gem that would make a "firestorm-style" skill.

Imagine Ball lighting falling from heaven multiple times :)

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I also think this will make more desinc as before. Teleporting brutus is to awful.
Yeah afterwards we have a lot more desinc at Brutus fight. Isn't it enough that Brutus can teleport kill you while you trying to run away?

On The Picture it looks to me as there is a lot going on, is that the GGG way now? fill up until everything is desinc likely? Why not adding some spezial mechanics like shrines to use to make dmg on bose or something like that?

We already have map bosses which are so bad that you don't do them.